Who remembers Exchange Travel in Parker Road, Hastings?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I worked there for five years in the 70s! It was a great place to work!

Rachel Rayburn…Yes I also worked there for a while in the 70’s. Remember Jose Fernandez?

Leigh Wieland-Boys… very well, he was such a lovely man! When we’re you there? We’ve had a couple of reunions over the years. I was there from 74-78 Malta Admin then Secretary – who else do you remember? Fred Vines was Reservations Manager then

Rachel Rayburn… It would have been 1973/74 I worked in Reservations on the Malta section.

John Mcewen… Yep, lived in Parker road from 69 for 11 years. Mum’s still there.

Graham How… Apparently, I worked there too… but it was in the studio!

Terry Pack… It would seem that the real question is ‘Is there anyone who doesn’t remember Exchange Travel, and didn’t work there at some time or other?’

Chris Connell… My Mum worked in the canteen. She made cakes and scones and even helped with cooking the staff Christmas dinners.

Dave Nattress… Me Terry, Ha Ha!! One of those places, where so many worked like so many in and around – somewhat naturally I suppose, but I had many friends who did work there and knew of the place well. It was a very large operation. I suppose in a while it will be who did NOT work at Hastings Direct!!

Graham Sherrington… Ive been in the Airline Industry for over 40 years started in 1977 and I can tell you THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!!!

Jane Kilby also Burmingham… I used to work there from 81 until they went under!!! X

Bookham Ally… My old boss, John Kilroy, from my days at the Singapore Tourist Board in London was at Exchange.

Mandy Wright… I worked there from 1984 until the end , reservations, Bonanza and accounts. ( occasional we had such fun. Xx

Judith Monk… My Mum worked there Betty Hadfield.

Alan Esdaile… Pat, our late bookkeeper at Masons worked there for many years. I also looked round the empty building a number of times, as they were desperate to get rid of it  but with so many officers and limited head room it wasn’t suitable and too costly to turn into a warehouse. It’s now Ore Valley Sussex Coast College.

Peter Thomson… I remember it well as Parker Road was quite close to my home, but never worked there. While in IT Ops at Ashdown House, our ICL Support Engineers also covered for the computers at Exchange. Living in Peterborough, it rang a few bells when Thomas Cook went under last year.

Pete Banham… I worked there 1978-83. I drove one of the ‘union jack’ staff mini buses. I did a lot of running around for Gordon McNally and Sylvia. Used to drive his collection of lovely old motors about. It was a fun firm to work for.

Graham How… I did! Great times working in the studio with Cliff Brooker.

Anita Medhurst… I worked there too for 6 years with Graham How and Cliff Brooker for the first year and with Leigh Weiland as she was then. I didn’t appreciate it at the time but it was a great place to work.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Anita, they were great days xx

Sue Maylam… I worked there from 1981’ish to 1984 and remember Loretta, Little Liz and Big Liz on the Hawaii Desk, Bob Spooner, Lucy, Jean and Ann. I went with Jean and Ann and another lady (whose name eludes me) to Cyprus in 1984 on a trip to check the hotels out that we featured, for the next years’ brochure and met Mrs Vanna Anatolito in the Cyprus Office. My boss was the Spanish chap, Jose. Lovely memories.

Angela Carswell… I worked there in the late 70’s early 80’s. The name Graham Sherringham rings a bell. I was a PA and worked for an accountant (short with glasses) who had a French wife,can’t remember his name, There were two sisters one called Nicky? and Ali? one was so funny, she was very tall with curly blond hair and her younger sister worked there too. Another girl called Leoni Watson. I moved from London to buy a flat and this was a great place to work. I had a great time. I live in Sydney Australia now.

Pete Banham… Angela, I think the accountant guy was Mike Flenley. If you have a brother called John I went to school with him in South London.

Angela Carswell… Yes, it was Mike Flenley. Yes, John is my brother and he went to school in South London! What a small world.

Judith Monk… My Mum worked there, Betty Hadfield.