Executive Hotel photo Wellington Square Hastings

Alan Esdaile… Must have been the steepest stairs in a hotel, that lead up to the ballroom?

Peter Fairless… Well remembered

Leigh Mitchell… Went to a wedding reception there in 1972!

Karen Towner… Mum and Dad had their wedding reception here 1954.

Jackie Willett… Leigh, I had mine there in 1978!!!

Colin Bell… Leigh, I DJ’d many a do there

Leigh Mitchell… Colin, I bet! The reception I went to only had a record player and I seem to recall ‘Dizzy’ by Tommy Roe was on repeat!! I think the couple were on a tight budget

John Gale… Played there…. well i say played 🤣🙉🙉🙉 Gbh/ Wet Paint .. 28.07.1978

Mike Mitchell… Used to rush down there after school on a Friday to get tickets.

Martine Carrington… Used to go the nightclub ( underage ) until it got raided !!! Great nights

Jon McCallion… Do you remember when we used to play there in the band? Good times

Ralph Town… My fave disco…Alan Whitfield and his DC outfit, lots of booze and fun

Jenny Power… Went there to a 21st birthday party in 1969

Peter Ellingworth… My grandmother, a no nonsense northerner, lived in the flats to the right in the passage way back in the 50-60’s.

Tracy Birrell… Was this the Registery Office in the 70’s?

Peter Ellingworth… On closer perusal, it looks like the photo is taken towards the seafront end ( where the buses used to stand), in which case the flat where my grandmother lodged was at the other end of the square where the passageway is.

Alan Esdaile… I remember my mum saying, she went to school in this building when she was 5 and it was called ‘Wellington Collage’.

Alan Esdaile… Am I right in thinking, the step treads up to the ballroom were not very wide, which made it very difficult to cary speakers and equipment up the stairs?

John Gale… Alan, I’ve seen worse. They weren’t too bad tbh … Although when we ‘played’ there we had very little equipment anyway




Muller and Old Silver – Executive Hotel 21st January 1971


MULLER and OLD SILVER. Executive Hotel 21st January 1971. Muller line up was probably Iain Cobby, Steve Demetri, Jon McCallion and Steve Kinch. Anyone remember who Old Silver were?

Jon McCallion… Long time ago. Old Silver I can’t for the life of me remember who they are.

Andy Qunta… “Old Silver” sounds familiar! I definitely saw Muller – maybe I was at this gig!

Len Smith… believe Muller line-up about 70/71 was Paul Dove, Steve Demetri, Jon McCallion and Paul Wiseman who was succeeded by Steve Kinch

Muller – Round Table Youth Club & Executive Hotel




supplied by Jon McCallion

photos show Jon McCallion, Steve Demetri, Steve Kinch, Iain Cobby, Paul Dove. Also on the seats you can see Ray Medhurst & Sally.

Phil Gill….Executive Hotel I’m sure I was there – would have been about 14 or 15. I was well impressed.

Steve Kinch….That would make me 15 or16 then! We probably sounded awful… but, you know what?.. I t didn’t matter – we were young, doing our best, and we were having fun! Good times

Jon McCallion….Good times with the Steves and Ian. So good .

Pete Fisher….Iain was on bass in my first real band, Black Ash (whose name lots of people made fun of!), with Bernard Jeffery on drums, in 1970….I rigged up my parents radiogram as an amp, and blew the speaker…

Paul Dove….REMEMBER IT ,, great days.