Expandis – Hastings Carnival 1983


supplied by John Wilde    David Miller, John Alexander Wilde and Philip George Thornton.

Phil Gill……Photo taken a split second before the bus ploughed into the stage.

and from 1981 – Moment Of Passion

Yvonne Cleland… My mum could have made two pairs of trahsers out of those strides 🙂 🙂

John Wilde… Great memory, thanks Alan. Oh if only I had saved that gear. Loved those pants! Great times.

David Miller… Loved that day, that event and that performance.

Phil Thornton…  was going for the ‘space priest’ look which has fallen out of favour in recent years … cant get hats like that anymore ! Just noticed I’m playing an acoustic 12 string !! I must have been going through a phase !

Phil Gill… Eko Ranger 12? I used to have one of those…. I’ll say no more.

Andy Qunta… Those are surely award-winning trousers that John is flaunting!


Marquee Club – May 1982 and chat about Tandoori Cassette



supplied by Roger Carey

Talking of The Marquee, I’m pretty sure Expandis supported Tandoori Cassette at the gig on 26th May 1982? Can you confirm John Wilde?

David Miller… No-one can confirm John Wilde – he is mercury, will-o-the-wisp, the enigma variations and more all made incarnate and barely contained within that delightul vessel we all know and love. As to Tandoori Cassette, we defintely supported them at the Marquee and I got to shake Zal Cleminsons hand, hoping that some sort of transmission would take place and I could play like him, even just a little….still waiting….

John Wilde… Affirmative. And they were most excellent

Phil Thornton… Tandoori Cassette were indeed excellent ! and a top bunch of blokes as well – super cool to meet Zal !!!

Expandis – Hastings Pier 3rd July 1982 & promo photo




poster & ticket supplied by Mick Mepham,    photo supplied by David Miller.

Phil Thornton….Many thanks to Mick Mepham for finding this old poster ! This brings back happy memories of a fine evening on the pier ! – we (EXPANDIS) had the ballroom about half full (over 600 people)
we had a few guests that night … Min on Sax, the ‘Foxx’ dance troop and of course the ‘Bag ladies’ !

Yvonne Cleland… The DLWP should book Expandis!

Kev Towner… It’s like a trio of Trevor Horns!!

Alan Esdaile… I always thought they would be great on Later with Jools Holland. What is that in John’s hand?

Phil Thornton… its a mk 3 sonic disruptor. when we were all on the mothership John was usually on ‘shotgun duty’

John Wilde… we came from the future……

Phil Thornton… ……… and crash landed in Bexhill (the cosmic AA have been called)

David Miller… It seems like only yesterday…..

Rumours Club – 1982/1983

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gig posters supplied by Mick Mempham, Expandis postes © John Alexander Wilde

Pete Fairless…Doing the boxer beat? I remember JoBoxers being fantastic! Thoroughly brilliant, in a dripping wet, hot and sweaty, rather loud, Crypt, kinda way!

rumourssupplied by Mark Richards The Crypt Archives . https://www.facebook.com/thecryptarchive

John Wilde… Ha! The Expandis fantasy Ball. What a great New Years Eve.

Peter Millington… ABADABS Friday 26th November – 1982


More Expandis rarities 1983 supplied by Roger Carey.


img263 img264 img265

photo, poster and play list all supplied by Roger Carey

More Expandis rarities. supplied by Roger Carey who played bass for the band in 1983.

Photo from Vines Cross Festival near Heathfield (Top of the bill was The Enid) L-R David Miller guitar/vocals, Roger Carey bass, John Wilde vocals percussion, Phil Thornton keyboards/vocals. Poster – Rumours Club Hastings 22nd July 1983 & Alexandra Park 23rd July 1983. Set lists. Probably from a gig in London and a gig in Bath. Notice the van hire charges totally £40.00.

John Wilde… Wahooo. Nice save Roger!

David Miller… Great pic of a great day and other fine stuff – nice one, Roger….

Yvonne Cleland… What a picture, what a photograph! Good find, Rog! x

Expandis – new line up 2015.


supplied by Expandis Facebook page.

John Wilde , Philip Thornton and Andy Maby.

Don’t forget Expandis are playing The Big Green Cardigan Festival on Friday 4th September 2015. Also playing on Friday are Titus, Mick Bolton and lots more. Saturday 5th September The Fabulous Red Diesel, Joe Rytlewski Band, Eddie & The Hotrods and more. Sunday 6th September Terry Pack Trio, Cajun Dawgs, Blockx and more.


Alamo Leal… This is great ! Good to see those guys back at it.

Expandis – Dungeons and Dragons


supplied by Mick O’Dowd

Mick O’Dowd… Here’s another one for Expandis people. Probably recorded at The Expandibubble in Bexhill. Not sure wether it saw the light of day but i’m sure John Alexander Wilde can put us right.

John Wilde… Yes Mick this was a project that Phil and David were involved in. It eventualy made it to vinyl and the finished product was frankly a bit of a masterpiece.

David Miller…. This was released as First Quest – The Music and here’s a blog on it to which, if you scroll down to the bottom, I give, in my nom-de-bog of spiggman, some background on it all. http://blogonomicon.blogspot.com/…/album-first-quest… Here’s a YouTube excerpt from the album. The first face you see come up is that of Valentine Dyall who, among other things, would take part in some of the Goon Show radio events back in the 50’s. I remembered him from those days and had him contacted and brought out of retirement to do the between-tracks dialogue for the album. Alas, I wrote some of the most self-consciously cheesey and trite sword-and-sorcery dialogue for him and I still apologise to him abnd his memory even to this day. He apparently was pleased to be remembered and paid so hopefully that was something of a balm to this indignity….