Spyke and Performance – Falaise Hall Hastings 17th May 1975

Martin Richter…  I can feel my foot tapping

Pete Millington… Spyke at that time were -Ginger Millington, Terry Chedzoy and Ian Williams

Colin Fox… Yet another one for my collection. Cheers

Alan Esdaile… Looks like you missed this one Colin, as the later advert says Performance has split up.


Colin Fox… No wonder I couldn’t remember this gig.

Pete Millington… Same here Colin – I was thinking that I’d lost the plot. Spyke as a Trio would bave been blown away by a 6 piece, I would certainly have remembered the experience. Phew SPYKE survived!

After The Fire – Falaise Hall 3rd March 1979

10297756_453901178088678_4884175939581957365_nsupplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…..After The Fire – March 3rd 1979 – I loved this band and bought the album ‘Laser Love’ after hearing ‘One Rule For You’ .

Tony May……I actually joined their fan club! Loved the first album and 80F but they started to decline a bit after that. Did you know that I A J Twiddle also released an album? Don’t know what it was like but I remember seeing it once. I’m a bit of a ‘Wild West Hero’ now myself!

Dave Nattress…..”One Rule For You”, truly fabulous. I bought the albums 80F and Laser Love – 1979/1980 and also a 3 CD set, “The CBS Recordings”. “One Rule” is definitely a wonderful track, much of the rest a bit dissappointing.


Clockwork Criminals – 1982



poster from Alex Chapman West Marina to Hastings Pier. Original gig flyer for the ‘Falaise Hall’, Saturday 2nd August 1980.

Originally called ‘Charlie and the Criminals’ .Charlie Turner vocals, Alex Benton guitar, William “Bill” O’Neill bass, Brian Spiers drums, Lee Benton guitar.

Redstar Richter….gary turner and lee Benton? bullshit detector….?

Alan Esdaile Johnny Mason….Yes they were on the album ‘Bullshit Detector’ . I remember selling a few, also I think I made the badges for them at the time.

Kev Towner….Oh yeah – I remember these guys.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone in contact with any of the guys from the band Clockwork Criminals? Charlie Turner vocals, Alex Benton guitar, William “Bill” O’Neill bass, Brian Spiers drums, Lee Benton guitar. I’ve had an email from Victor Diez Lopez from Vomitopunkrockrecords Valencia who wishes to speak to them about a record deal.

Bill Willaith… Hmm never got any royalties from vomit records had to cancel the Porsche , still got a full seT of the badges I think I designed all 3 Bill O Neill. Great site well done

Kev Towner… I don’t actually own a copy of this, although I’ve got lots of other local bands’ vinyl offerings.

Tony Ham… There was an album released a few years back, think it was a compilation.

Hollywood Killers, Before The Storm, Negative Earth Band – Falaise Hall 19th May 1978


19th may 1978 - hollywood killers

poster supplied by Jim Penfold

Martyn Baker… Simon Fuller

Peter Fairless… The start of something big…

Jim Penfold …. Simon Fuller’s first promotion 19th May 1978…the Hollywood Killers…..the man who invented Pop Idol/American Idol..manager of The Spice Girls/David Beckam/Andy Murray/ Annie Lennox etc etc etc…..if you have a magnifying glass his name is bottom right…..his Easybeat Promotions promoted us a couple more times that year……what went wrong!!!!(for him)

Tim Moose Bruce… I remember Before The Storm. They supported Die Laughing a few times and I think changed their name to Billy Whizz im my memory serves me. A memorable gig was at the caves.

Jim Penfold… Happy days! I’ve got the Hastings Observer’s review of that gig and will post it when I can find it! It says promoter Simon Fuller raised £100 for charity for this sold out gig!….it’s a pity Simon didn’t go on to bigger things……

Mike Mitchell… I remember seeing Simon strolling down the road stuffing fiver’s into his pockets… We got paid a fiver for being bottom of the bill. My first professional engagement as a drummer. Happy days indeed.

Sharon Tandy – Falaise Hall Hastings 17th May 1968

Photo from Dutch TV programme Fenklup, 9 February 1968 by A. Vente, A & F. van Geelen

Andy Qunta..She did my favourite version of Stay With Me, Baby. Great voice!

Janet Rennie… She was fab . What happened to her

Alan Parker… I think she originated from S. Africa. and went back home

Mick O’Dowd… How did I not know of this? Loved Sharon Tandy but also believed her to be coloured! Recorded for Atlantic and her most well-known tune was Toe-Hold.

Mike Urry & His Band and Len Goodman & Cherry Kingston – Falaise Hall Hastings 21st April 1973

photo: Len Goodman and Cherry Kingston venue and source unknown

Gerry Fortsch… Is this the guy that had a problem with the band speeding up? Apologies for being a bit of a prat but I couldn’t resist it.

David Edwards… Look at Len!