Who’s Your Favourite Guitarist Of All Time

photo source: Jean Armstrong – The Yesteryears Revisited Facebook page

Colin Fox… I don’t think I can answer this question. I like so many different styles of guitar orientated music, from old and newer blues, rock, jazz, funk, classical, flamenco etc.

Ernest Ballard… Jeff Beck

Steve Reents… Frank Zappa, Buckethead, Stevie Ray, Jimmy Page

Mick Knights… Bert Weadon, without whom we wouldn’t have had the vast majority of 60’s guitarists

Clifford Rose… Mick Ronson

Doug Prentice… Ry Cooder, Billy Gibbons

Mark Randall… Mine is Foz? from David Devant & his Spirit Wife – seriously

Chris Meachen… Paul Kossoff, Alan Murphy, Guthrie Govan….

Samuel Freeman… Jimmy Hendrix

Peter J Brazier… Anyone who can play one cos I Can’t lol

Patrick Lewis… I’m no musician so perhaps should not comment but my pick would be Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead

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