What’s your favourite song/theme from a film

Solider Blue Buffy St Marie , Theme from Shaft Issac Hayes or Bett Midler The Rose.

Leigh Wieland Boys……One of my favourites too – Good taste! A bit ‘girly’ I know, but probably my all time favourite is Wind Beneath My Wings from Beaches. That’ll Be the Day, Stardust, Saturday Night Fever & Grease all 1970s iconic films with great soundtracks

Pete Fairless.…Theme from a summer place – Percy Faith & People Are Strange Echo & The Bunnymen from Lost Boys.

Matt Thomas…..The Percy Faith one above reminds me of sunday mornings and my parents cooking a roast

Andre Martin….Excellent choices from that special era – keep them coming !!

Gary Kinch……’m a bit of a sucker for musicals, the first film I went to on my own was Oliver, loved it. I have watched most of the Fred and Ginger films and this is a cracker IMO. Probably a bit sugary for some but it has some personal memories for me. Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers You Can’t Take That Away.  My first thought was anything from Quadrophenia but perhaps that doesn’t qualify because it was a film about the songs rather a song about a film. I didn’t think much of the film either, fantastic tracks though.My second thought was Blade Runner, the Vangelis soundtrack fits the film beautifully. I wouldn’t sit down and listen to the music on it’s own though, it might seem a bit boring.Third thought would be anything from Pulp Fiction. (not 1970’s though) It was a fairly eclectic mix of tracks, some of them not my cup of tea at all. The Film however gave every track an element of “coolness” that some tracks otherwise didn’t deserve. The Statler Brothers Flower On The Wall.

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Burt Bacharach A Life In Song – BBC4 Friday 27th Nov 2015 and what’s your favourite Burt Bacharach song?


source BBC… BURT BACHARACH: A Life In Song. A unique concert staged at the Royal Festival Hall celebrating the music of the legendary songwriter and performer Burt Bacharach. Some of Burt’s most famous songs are performed by a stellar line-up of artists including Alfie Boe, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Shaun Escoffery, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Hayward, Michael Kiwanuka, Laura Mvula and Joss Stone. Burt himself also performs accompanied by his band. During the concert Burt chats to Michael Grade about the art of songwriting and shares the stories behind some of his best-loved hits.

Carol Arnold… was great

Andre Martin… Missed that, will have to go a look on iplayer, he hasbeen a great part of the music industry that has touched us all at sometime.

Alan Esdaile… My favourite is Dionne Warwick – Don’t Make Me Over.

Mick Curtis… I remember a cover by The Fourmost. Or was it the Swinging Blue Jeans?

Colin Norton… It was the Swinging Blue Jeans and it was excellent!

Will Cornell… Favorites w. Dionne Warwick? Geez that alone is a tall order. “Are You There (With Another Girl)” or “Do You Know the Way To San Jose”. Then there are the other artists–“24 Hrs From Tulsa”, the “Casino Royale” theme (by Herb Alpert, not the 007 flick a few years ago), and Bacharach’s own instrumental “Nikki” which was about his daughter, and used on ABC TV’s “Movie of the Week” as theme music in the late 60s. This is the kind of music that made us realize our parents didn’t have such bad taste after all.

Caz Simpson… Trains and boats and planes.

Phil Gill… Oh, far too many to choose from, but this one always breaks my heart… I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself.

Andre Martin… Excellent choice.

Julie Morris… Dusty Springfield – The Look Of Love.

Yvonne Cleland… Lovely Phil, but have you heard Elvis Costello sing it with Bacharach himself at the piano?

Gary Kinch… Aretha, say a little prayer. Oh yes. Closely followed by “three wheels on my wagon”

Jim Breeds… We watched this in the hotel. It was very good.

The Nation’s Favourite Queen Song – ITV 11th Nov 2014 9.00pm and results


As ITV reveals the results of an exclusive poll to find the Nation’s Favourite Queen Song, this programme tells the stories behind the band’s greatest hits. Which one will be the winner? We Are the Champions, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Don’t Stop Me Now, Bohemian Rhapsody, I Want To Break Free, We Will Rock You – or some other classic? There are in-depth interviews with band members Brian May and Roger Taylor and revealing insights from those who knew Queen best. This is the history of the quartet’s greatest moments. Not so much a band, more a national treasure.


Alan Esdaile… Not expecting any surprises here but should be some interesting bits we have not seen before.

Pete Fairless… This won’t win – but is their best… Seven Seas Of Rhye

John Wilde… Favourite Queen album?  Sheer Heart Attack.  Favourite track. Stone Cold Crazy.

Chris Meachen… Excellent & thoroughly enjoyable programme;- just wish they’d had time to play all the songs in their entirety…

Jon McCallion… Top band,Freddie what can you say he was everything. Fantastic performer,sad to lose him at such a young age

Kev Towner… I’d agree Pete. Mind you, I’m also very fond of some the tracks on the first two albums – the proggy ones anyway!!

Julie Findlay-jones… it was brilliant.

Here’s The Results

20 I Want It All – 1989
19 It’s A Hard Life – 1984
18 One Vision – 1985
17 You’re My Best Friend 1976
16 Seven Seas Of Rhye – 1974
15 The Show Must Go On – 1991
14 Another One Bites The Dust – 1980
13 Crazy Little Thig Called Love – 1979
12 A Kind Of Magic 1986
11 Who Wants To Live Forever – 1986
10 Somebody To Love – 1976
9 These Are The Days Of Our Lives – 1991
8 Radio Ga Ga – 1984
7 Under Pressure – 1981
6 Killer Queen – 1974
5 We Are The Champions – 1977
4 I Want To Break Free – 1984
3 Don’t Stop Me Now – 1979
2 We Will Rock you – 1977
1 Bohemian Rhapsody – 1975 & 1991

John Storer… There are very, very few bands that have more than three decent albums in them. Queen are a case in point. The first three albums are great, but after the success of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, they merely pandered to the masses with rock-by-numbers. Your archetypal Radio 2 band