Samisen – Felix

Sarah Harvey…This Samisen song is called ‘Felix’. The recording is from 1976. It was first played at the Carlisle gig where we were supporting Felix and was written in tribute (a.k.a. mickey-take) of their complicated and off-the-wall music. We wrote this song all in good humour in our more mischievous days and when we played it at the gig the members of Felix told us they thought it was really good. Felix were, and still are a great bunch of guys and took it in all good humour.

Wendy Weaver… Nice presentation How you have all changed 😈😈😁x

Pete Fisher.. excellent drumming Bernard Jeffery!

Felix – Ore Centre 1975


Supplied by Roger Carey

Will Thomson guitar, Den Wootton (hidden) drums, Mike Tanner lead vocals congas, Roger Carey guitar, Wesley Magoogan sax.

Phil Gill….Mike “Snakehips” Tanner. What a nice guy.

Joe Knight….what a great photo!!!

Yvonne Cleland…..He was a lovely guy wasn’t he, Phil. Do you know what happened to him?

Andy Qunta….What a great band!

Martyn Baker….Nice pair of Lionels Del!

Page Of Ads 1976 Felix, Procol Harum, The Firehills Band


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….A whole page of the Observer dated March 13th, 1976. Some things of note…. a good write-up by Stephen Turner about Felix, a preview of the forthcoming Procul Harum gig and not to mention The Firehills band appearing at the Church Cafe in Fairlight. I would imagine they were a pure dance band.

Richard Moore…..I  think the Firehills Band was a one-off gig at the Church Cafe as I seem to think I played there on a Saturday night for Dancing from April to October as well as for coach parties during the week.

Andy Qunta….Felix were really good!  Don’t think I saw this Procul Harum gig, but saw them years later – great show! As a side-note, I wrote several songs with their lyricist, Keith Reid, including “You’re The Voice”.

Alan Esdaile…..Hi Andy, did you make your own recording of ‘you’re the voice’ or did you write it especially for John Farnham?Great track.

Andy Qunta…..Thanks, Alan! I had a bunch of my recent song demos sent to my publishing co. in Sydney, & they sent YTV over to Farnham. Apparently he liked it! Btw, 4 writers on YTV – Chris Thompson, (singer from Manfred Mann’s Earth Band), Maggie Ryder, (backing vocalist for Eurythmics), Keith Reid & myself.

John Wilde……Rousing chorus, goosebumps when the bagpipes come in. A real favorite.

Andy Qunta….Glad you like it, John! Can’t take any credit for the bagpipes, though! That was Farnham’s team’s idea. We had a percussion & bass break-down in that section in the demo. Bagpipes are far better! Got some goosebumps myself when I first heard them!

Perri Ann Haste…….I  did not realise Andy wrote this song – one of my all time faves in the 80’s & it still holds sway now – so many great memories come flooding back…

Mick Mepham….I think it’s a cracker Andy and the bagpipes work well. Like JAW I get goosebumps too.

Yvonne Cleland…..Awwwww. Felix should have made it!

Ore Group Festival 1976




all cuttings supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey…..Late June 1976. The second Ore Group Festival which was part of Ore Week which took place over two nights. Stephen Turner’s preview, the advert with the groups appearing on Friday an Saturday. And finally Stephen Turner’s review. Six local bands with Trunk, Hippo and Damaris on the first night. Samisen, Mosaic and Felix on the second night.