Fifth Beatle Sir George Martin dies. Hastings Beatles Day 2016 dedicated to Sir George.


photo: Adamsharp

Colin Norton… Sad news! RIP George.

Alan Esdaile… R.I.P. George Martin.

Jim Breeds… Just saw that on TV 🙁 Such a great influence on the music in our lives …

Andy Qunta… RIP. What an incredible contribution to music.

Paul Crimin… RIP George Martin. The fifth Beatle. Never forgotten.

Patrick Lewis… One of the unsung heroes of popular/Rock music.

Jennie Tocock… Very sad news 🙁

Alan Mitchell… A very sad day for music, R I P and thank you.

Chris Sambrook… George Martin wrote THEME ONE and recorded by Van Der Graaf Generator. Which in theory was the first piece of music heard on Radio 1.

Jim Breeds… “in theory”? I remember Flowers In The Rain being played of course but Theme One, apparently written by George as the Radio 1 theme tune must have passed me by! Or memory fade?

Jim Hobbs… George was one of my musical heroes. A proper old school good man and ground breaking producer.

Chris Sambrook… I tuned my little Transistor Radio to 247 MV or whatever it was at the time and went and did a very quick paper round in order to catch the beginning. The introduction music was Theme One leading up to Tony Blackburn being introduced at 7am This was September 1967. Things can get pretty hazy over the years, sorry for any confusion.

Hastings Beatles Day 2016 to be dedicated to Sir George Martin

Jim Breeds… Ah. Strictly speaking then, if Theme One was played before the introduction then it was played on the Light Programme. The introduction  includes the countdown to the Light Programme being switched into Radios 1 and 2. Meaning that the Beefeaters (Tony’s theme tune) was the first tune played on Radio 1 (with contributions from Arnold!), and The Move was the first full length song played. I also tuned my transistor to 247 for the switch on … I was listening in bed though 🙂 And we can all listen againnow – no radio needed 🙂

Mick O’Dowd… What a great idea to dedicate Beatles Day to Sir George Martin. Well done.

Jim Hobbs… Excellent idea! … he made it all possible … and if it the boys asked for the impossible, he would find a way. Read ‘All You Need Is Ears’.