Hastings Traditional Jazz Band – 1959?

photo credit unknown. Source: facebook West Marina to Hastings Pier

WMTHP… Were you a Hastings Trad Jazz fan in the 50s/60s? You may recognise some of these people on their way to play on the Pier. They were from the Hastings Traditional Jazz Club I believe? Hastings 1959

Mike Waghorne… Bit early for Min

Monica Bane… The Dolphin jazz band

Tony Court-holmes… my mum god rest her followed the jazz bands round Hastings

Caroline Moor… what a fantastic photograph……

Mike Vawdrey… With four clarinets and three trumpets/cornets visible plus the headgear I would guess this to a New Orleans style marching band perhaps made up from members of several different aggregations. Just a theory..

Carl Spencer… Pretty certain that’s Pete Treger with the beard on trumpet. Should also have had Chris Watford on clarinet, but none look like him. Neither does it look like Brian Hills, who dropped in to play from time to time.

David Dickerson… does anybody have any memories of my good Army friend Peter Cooper – trumpet player

Lloyd Johnson… Pete Treger with the beard, Sloppy Joe Sweater and summer bus conductors hat. There was a country line bus company called ‘Dengate Bus Company’ all the conductors wore linen jackets with those hats. it always reminded me of Benny Hill!..they had leather money pouches and wooden blocks with springs to retain the individually printed tickets…they parked in Wellington Square at the beginning of the route before heading of to the countryside.The buses were old and 1930s in cream and light green livery….very ‘Darling Buds of May’….Happy Days!…

Record listening booths of the 50’s

photo: https://rarehistoricalphotos.com/vinyl-listening-booths-1950s/

Dave Trodd… Anyone remember record booths like this?

Alan Esdaile… The fun of the listening booths but not like the photo. This is what me and my mates did on a Saturday, going from record shop to record shop, until we got thrown out! Happy times.

Martin Stringer… Oh yes.

Will Cornell… Ours were enclosed, like a phone booth (box as you say). The stores that had them had a one way ticket to going out of the record business. Customers came in, opened an LP, listened, said they didn’t like it….then went down the street to the discount store and bought the same record for 50c to a buck less. Think of it as analog Napster.

Dave Nattress… Yes, something like in Boots, Bexhill, maybe Woolworths also and possibly some of the smaller independents, but it was so long ago. Definitely a Saturday morning outing, I remember the booths and headphones and the “peg-board” lining to the walls to improve acoustics. The Bexhill area had a surprising number of shops that sold new records in the 60’s, Beaneys, Jennery’s, Blackburns, Orchards, (I think), then Flyright later of course. Don’t recall any allowing you to listen to albums it was the top 20 singles etc. That’s little old Bexhill!!

Nick Bloomfield… The ones I remember were more like this…


Who remembers having an outside toilets as a kid?

Darren Holmes…. 58 Blackman Avenue!!!

Virginia Davis… That looks like my great grandparents house. Spiders as well !!!!!

Sandie Carlyon… My dads house. Just like Steptoes loo.

Nick Prince…..

Jan Warren… Aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh, the “torture” paper?! – well, it was either that or newspaper, hahaha, happy days!!

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens… With most of it on your fingernails…….

Chris Meachen… We lived in a house with an outside loo, much like the above until I was 6.. I was always fascinated by the various coloured snails that inhabited the place. Was bloody cold in the winter, & you used a pot indoors unless you absolutely had to go outside…

Paul Morfey… My grannys house in Brede, makes me think how things have changed and how few realise!!

Paul Huggett… Yup, Romney Marsh in the 50s. We had no electricity, mains water only arrived in about ’56, and no dustbin collections; a dry pond near the house (much of which was built from asbestos, by the way!) had all the tin cans, bottles, batteries for the radio etc chucked in.

Joe Knight… Stopped all your fears of spiders 😂😂 Also the expression (DON’T FORGET TO PULL THE CHAIN )😂😂

Pete Prescott… The cold seat in winter. It was like sitting on ice. All I remember is shivering. I was very young and petrified of going to the outside loo. My father caught me having a wee out of the back door when I was five. He was very understanding. Such a lovely man. He knocked the wall down and made an entrance from the kitchen and then bricked up the outer doorway. It was then an INSIDE loo ! There’s “posh”

Alan Esdaile… My dad also did the same Pete and knocked through and blocked up outside. A lot less spiders, snails and woodlice.

Pete Prescott… I used to use the toilet paper to trace the maps I was obsessed with. My school books were full of maps and (izel?) Paper. Terrible toilet paper.

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Anyone remember the Esterel Cafe coffee bar White Rock Hastings?

supplied by Dave Trodd

Dave Trodd… I wonder if anyone in the group is old enough to remember this place (see attached pic of the Esterel Cafe on Hastings seafront) which I believe was either the first, or one of the first, coffee bars in Hastings. I have told people about it before, but today I noticed that they’ve uncovered the name on the front. I used to go there with a crowd from the art school at the Brassey when I was about 16 (in 1957). I think it belonged to Chris Paraskiva who has since died. I’d be interested in any information anyone might have.

Alan Esdaile… All I could find Dave is that they had a branch in the memorial  in 1954.

Anne Murray… But before my time. I went to the Brassy as part of my art course at Hastings college of further education. We would go to the Fiesta cafe round the corner (or the pub!). That was the 1970’s.

Martyn Baker… I think I worked here in about 1975. It was “Le Flacon” by then (a French restaurant, run by Greeks who’d never ever been to France!)

Jim Breeds… The only reference I can find to a Café Esterel is at 4 Bank Buildings in 1953. (Proprietor Maj. Sims-Hilditch). Maybe he moved to White Rock later or opened another branch. But now I’ve found this in the paper dated 23rd May 1953, so there must have been two cafes with this name.

Simon Fraser… I went to Eastbourne college with Chris my mother Mary Fraser owned the restaurant next door and the shop next to it. I only know it as the le falcon.

Drew Barney… Nope. Dimarco’s for coffee. Jenny Lind for under age drinking.

Graham Sherrington… Old enough ow yes, and that shop near by that sold rocks and crystal. My wife still has a crystal from it.Had the Lighthouse in the side window.

Caroline Moor… Walked passed yesterday and my friend commented on how gorgeous it looks. xxx

Leigh Kennedy… The shopfront is very unusual and the business, as far as I can remember, has been closed down for decades. Looking at old photos it still has the same colour scheme that it did in the early 1970’s! In 1962 it was a Restaurant called “Le Flaçon”..

supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Ralph Town… Was it known as the Falcon restaurant in the 70s or early 80s or do I have a time and space displacement?

Mick Knights… I remember going to a coffee bar across from the baths for a milkshake after the seagulls swimming club most weeks. That would be late 50’s early 60’s it could well have been this one as I certainly remember the facade.

Alan Esdaile… Not thinking of Fortes, Mick?

Saint Peter The Old Town Stompers – Jazz in the 50’s part 2 of John Powys photos

All photos supplied by William Powys © John Powys

William Powys… Jazz in the 50’s part 2, From my late father John Powys’ archive, these I believe are on the Pier. If anyone recognises the people in the photos, can you please mention the names in the comments as it will add to their interest if I later can get an exhibition together. My father was a prolific photographer, he captured the jazz scene of the 50’s – 60’s trad local revival extensively and this is the tip of the iceberg, I have literally thousands of negatives that I intend to digitalise. Its an incredible archive, also covering his part of the start of the steam preservation movement, (he owned 2 steam traction engines when younger). I’d love to have an exhibition one day! He also (Having a Standard Vanguard van) drove some of the bands including I believe the Dolphin Jazz band and the Indiana jazz band. At some time he went round photographing lots of buildings before they were demolished in the 60’s – 70’s – these I have yet to find, my dad passed away in 2018 after a short illness. His father was Francis Powys who ran The Powys Bookshop (now the retro tobacconist) in George Street. My dad worked for the libraries in Bexhill and Hastings for many years.

I remember Wards looking like this and mens holiday wear

photo source: unknown

Advert 1968

opening advert 14th July 1951 supplied by Leigh Kennedy

Fiona Evans… So do I !

Arthur Sutherland… Love the headless sales assistant.

Pete Fisher… was dragged there to be fitted out with school uniform…

Alan Esdaile… so was I Pete, I was like Kevin the teenager from Harry Enfield!

Tony May… This looks to me like the interior of Apps at Silverhill.

Sue Bennett… When l was small l remember the lovely little drawers with delicate buttons & threads in them.I collected buttons & beads, etc too after that.

Julie Findlay-jones… Wish shops looked more like this now, very nostalgic.

Janine Anne Scott… Do you remember the distinct smell?

Jules Stretton… Me too

Carol Paffett… And Mastins

Pete Brazier… A bit like Grace Brothers Isn’t it

Tony Ham… You beat me to it, are you free My Humphreys? I’m free!

Jon McCallion….  I remember this too. Shame we can’t go back to it, it would be so much better.

Jacquie Hinves… That was downstairs in the Queens Road shop. Upstairs was the Children’s outfitters. I got my first uniform for Our Lady’s Convent in Filsham Road from there!

Judy Atkinson… And my dad’s shop had cabinets like this

Despo Hawkins… Me too

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Reminds me of my grandparents…

shared from Michelle Nixon

Michelle Nixon… Reminds me of my grandparents, I can hear the clock ticking, the knitting needles, turning of the paper and I bet that was just his favourite chair

Roger Simmonds… Reminds me of mum and dads front room!

Stuart Moir… Mine as well as a kid

Nicola Dobson… Reminds me of my grandfathers house (dads dad)..he had chiming clocks in every room and hall

Pete Houghton… Those were the days

Andre Martin… Look at that old radio behind “Dad” you could travel the world by tuning into all sorts of stations, what a great way to learn your geography and what an adventure.

Jim Breeds… Andre, so much more travelling the world is possible today thanks to the infinite number of Internet radio stations available at the fingertip.

Richard J Porter… Like it was for me growing up.

Alan Esdaile… can remember the loud ticking clock.

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Same here Alan… and my Grandma always kept one clock about 30 minutes fast so they wouldn’t be late! Late for what? Late for where? By then their routine was all centred around each other, their garden and daily routine. Love them still…miss them too!

Tracy Birrell… I grew up with my grandparents in a home like this. Wonderful times.