Who remembers having an outside toilets as a kid?

Darren Holmes…. 58 Blackman Avenue!!!

Virginia Davis… That looks like my great grandparents house. Spiders as well !!!!!

Sandie Carlyon… My dads house. Just like Steptoes loo.

Nick Prince…..

Jan Warren… Aaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh, the “torture” paper?! – well, it was either that or newspaper, hahaha, happy days!!

Mark Asseenontv Scutchings-Stevens… With most of it on your fingernails…….

Chris Meachen… We lived in a house with an outside loo, much like the above until I was 6.. I was always fascinated by the various coloured snails that inhabited the place. Was bloody cold in the winter, & you used a pot indoors unless you absolutely had to go outside…

Paul Morfey… My grannys house in Brede, makes me think how things have changed and how few realise!!

Paul Huggett… Yup, Romney Marsh in the 50s. We had no electricity, mains water only arrived in about ’56, and no dustbin collections; a dry pond near the house (much of which was built from asbestos, by the way!) had all the tin cans, bottles, batteries for the radio etc chucked in.

Joe Knight… Stopped all your fears of spiders 😂😂 Also the expression (DON’T FORGET TO PULL THE CHAIN )😂😂

Pete Prescott… The cold seat in winter. It was like sitting on ice. All I remember is shivering. I was very young and petrified of going to the outside loo. My father caught me having a wee out of the back door when I was five. He was very understanding. Such a lovely man. He knocked the wall down and made an entrance from the kitchen and then bricked up the outer doorway. It was then an INSIDE loo ! There’s “posh”

Alan Esdaile… My dad also did the same Pete and knocked through and blocked up outside. A lot less spiders, snails and woodlice.

Pete Prescott… I used to use the toilet paper to trace the maps I was obsessed with. My school books were full of maps and (izel?) Paper. Terrible toilet paper.

Keith Cowper… Oh yeah! Done all of them !!!!

Heather Smith… my gran used to have one

Glenn Piper… We had an outdoor loo until I was 4. Then we moved and not only did the new house have an indoor loo, but luxury of luxury it also had a bathroom. Until then we’d had to use a tin bath in front of the fire.

Joe Knight… Or the sink as a kid

Glenn Piper… oh yeah, I’d forgotten that one, but yes, now you mention it my decrepit memory has dredged up a memory 😂

Will Cornell… What do you mean “remember–outside–“? You mean in other parts of the world they have them INside? Why here in Texas USA I thought outside is the way it’s s’pose to be.

Wendy Weaver… We always had an inside loo but we visited people who had Elsans up the garden. We visited relatives in Somerset and they had a “double holer”. What luxury but they were still Elsans in an outhouse

Dave Nattress… I just remember the outside toilet in our terraced house in Bexhill it was attached to the house but you had to go outside and up the yard to get to it. As my Dad was a builder he soon knocked an opening through so we could access it from inside and blocked up the old door to it on the outside. He also put in a bathroom upstairs – total revolution this was, and I recall one of my Mum’s friends paying her 2 shillings or something like to come in on a Sunday night for a bath. Before that I truly remember the tin bath hanging on the wall outside. Moving on, then we had a back-boiler put in behind the coal fire in one room which gave limited heating and hot water for the cylinder upstairs. I also recall when we moved there a kitchen range I think it was called in the back room and coal fires or open hearths in 3 rooms downstairs and upstairs. Hence is why the average old terrace house has such large chimney stacks with typically 3/4 chimneys or flues each side of the party wall. Often then a separate stack serving the back of the house.

Alan Pepper… Yes me too at 91 Blackman Avenue. In between the shed and the coal ! Bloody freezing this time of the year. In the house the ice was INSIDE on the bedroom window.

Dave Nattress… Yes, Alan (Pepper), I remember ice on the inside of the windows too! Sort of moves on logically (to me) to the severe Winter of 1962/1963. I recall it well – I was 10 in March 1963. I have looked at the statistics on the web and it’s almost astonishing to find out how bad that Winter was. Whilst I think it all kicked off very late in 62, it was the New Year on that really suffered it.

Mick O’Dowd… Of course the off-shoot of these outsiders was often the “potty under the bed” for nightime relief!

Jane Saunders Jyoti… yes still had one back in 1979 – twas freezing in the winter

Childhood Meals, Eat It or Go Without! Was this true in your house?

childhood meals

Dennis Torrance… Very much so for me Sunday was a Day all sitting at table and everything had to be eaten before we could get down had thing about lamb after that after having it every s Sunday lol

Wendy Weaver… NZ Lamb was the cheapest meat – and then the Common Market came along and the UK wasn’t allowed that anymore. Difficult to feed the family as other joints of meat were too expensive. Kids didn’t understand the dire straights parents were in and that there just wasn’t anything else, so if we are of an age we all remember this☹️

Jim Breeds… New Zealand lamb wasn’t affected by the common market and is still in the shops today, mores the pity. Support British farmers

Dennis Torrance… Sorry not a lamb lover beef was dearest then but never had chicken or turkey yes came from poor parents but still did not want lamb rather eat spam liked that great fried

Angela Frances Gardner… I remember my brother Mike Gardner sitting all afternoon at home and school in front of a plate of cold congealed food and me rescuing him by throwing the food away! He would never have eaten it! I remember a time at my school having to swallow disgusting gristly meat with water as the nuns made you eat everything on your plate!

Liz Dees Dianto… Yes I remember that very clearly.The whole school went down with food poisoning once as well, when we were all forced to eat rice pudding !

Dennis Torrance… School dinners I remember mostly ok chocolate crunch but liver and onions a no for me but had to eat it totally wrong

Alan Esdaile… Who remembers bread and dripping sandwiches? Used to enjoy them but sounds disgusting now.

Dennis Torrance… Bread and dripping sandwiches had them at the time my mum consider it a treat for me but really like banana sandwiches still do.

Paul Redfearn… Yup.

Andrew Clifton… Bread and dripping. All the time Alan.

Wendy Belton… You have made me want bread and dripping sandwiches now 😉 and my late mother used to make beef suet puddings and bacon dumplings! Those were the days.

Keith Cowper… With a strip of Bovril of course

Tony Davis… Used to have jam and banana sandwiches – loved them. Do remember not eating dinner and it being served up again for breakfast the next morning. We used to have a bowl of dripping and I used to like the jelly that formed under the white fat.