Zabriskie Point Film – December 1970 ABC Cinema

img312 zabriski

Interesting soundtrack of Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead etc. Anyone remember seeing this film?

Martin Richter… she was a lovely girl – but left crumbs in the bed 🙁

Lucy Pappas… I watched most of it but missed the end cos the last bus to Fairlight left at 10.30 and films usually finished at 10.40….

Eric Cawthraw… Yep, went with a bunch of mates to see this. I’ve never seen it again, so my memory of it has faded, but I have a visual recollection of seeing a kitchen blown up with all the food and utensils floating around in slow motion. It was definitely Pink Floyd playing in this sequence. I think it was either Astronomy Domine or Careful With that Axe Eugene.  Who’s this bloke Crumbs by the way?

Lady Sings The Blues film starring Diana Ross. 4th December 1974

lady sings 1974 diana ross

Came out a couple of years earlier but was shown at The Orion on December 4th 1974.

Mike Mitchell… Mind you, the other film is more the usual fare of The Orion as I recall. As a youngster it was a real thrill looking at the film stills on the walls up the stairway should they ever have a U rated film to see

Roger Waters The Wall Film 2015



ROGER WATERS THE WALL – OFFICIAL POSTER  the official poster for ROGER WATERS THE WALL, the groundbreaking new film written and directed by Roger himself and Sean Evans. See it in cinemas on Tuesday September 29 along with THE SIMPLE FACTS; an exclusive in-conversation with Roger Waters and Nick Mason. Tickets will go on sale on June 19 at

Telstar – The Joe Meek Story.


Telstar trailer. Anyone who missed this excellent film on BBC2, its now available for download from iplayer for a few days.

Colin Norton… Yes, definitely worth watching!

Jim Hobbs… Great film and snapshot of the period. That Joe was a bit mad, but how we love Telstar.

Martin Richter… what a good film 🙂 reminded me of “prick up your ears” – nick moran has gone up in my estimation 🙂

Mick O’Dowd… Good film