Alan King’s 60th Birthday – Filo – Thursday 7th September 2017

Alan King says…

Despite my obit recently being published in a few place, the rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated and have got a gig at the FILO in Hastings on Thurs 7th September (my 60th birthday) and am putting the band back together for it – Tony Reeves (John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Colosseum, Curved Air, Greenslade) will be playing bass, Bobby Valentino playing the fiddle, Les Morgan drums and ROGER HUBBARD will also be playing, anyone wanting to come and sit in – then let me know, hopefully something will be happening from 6 ish til 11. drinks from 6 – band set up about 8, play from before 9 to just after 11. Above is a link to a bit of the full band (dunno if they ALL can make it but most will)
The following Thursday, 14th Sept at The Nelson, Roger Hubbard will be playing from around 8:30 ish
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Melody 101 appearing at The Filo on the 20th March 2016


‘art-rock’ quartet from Paris play The Filo on the 20th March 2016  6.30pm, part of their small tour of the UK . If Melody 101 could write their own family tree, their grandparents are The Beatles and Os Mutantes, their parents are Tom Waits and Elton John, their drunken Uncle is Keith Richards and their scary aunty is Nina Simone. Their big sister is Joan as Policewoman and big brother is Father John Misty. Their album “Baked in a Pie” was released independently at the iconic venue, Bus Palladium, Paris in June 2015 where rock critic MaMusicale reviewed: “You don’t feel time passing at a MELODY 101 gig, their universe is captivating and beautiful.” Since this moment the album got airplay on FIP radio, into the ’30 musts of the season’ of Le Figaroscope and into the ‘Sexiest Music’ of MademoiZelle as the quartet toured in France, Germany and the UK.

Dave Sutherland – The Filo Thursday 28th May 2015


Anyone remember Dave Sutherland who used to gig in the George Street Hall?  He’s back and playing @ The FILO – tomorrow night – Thurs 28th May 2015.

Alan King ….. He’s a singer songwriter with more than a touch of ‘Americana’ about him (compares with Ralph McTell, Gordon Lightfoot etc) – he’s a decent guitar player and a very good songwriter. I used to give him gigs at the 12 Bar in Denmark St back in around 95 when he first started and we used to do gigs in the George St Hall in the Old Town about 20 years ago, Bert Jansch produced his first album. Nanci Griffiths took him under her wing about 10 years ago and he toured america with her a few times – he has a bit of a following in Hastings so it should be busy – ish