Glen Campbell – His Final Epic Ballad.


Alan Esdaile… Very sad.

Mark Gilham…He is one of the greatest writers, musicians and performers ever. (In my humble opinion)

Jennie Tocock… Oh :(. That’s so sad.

David Miller… Only his brain is impaired. His heart and spirit will always know. One thing I picked up from hospice volunteering is that (and this is just a generalisation, epiphanies and the unexpected nonwithstanding) what ever the family dynamic was, it will become more so leading up to and around the time of passing – more grasping and fighting or more loving and supporting etc. Sometimes this miraculous transition, one of two that bookend each equally miraculous seemingly individual journey, opens up the eyes and hearts of some or all of the participants. Time will tell. Human beings being human…..bless us all.

Jim Breeds… 🙁 I used to think “I hope I don’t go because of cancer” or “I hope a heart attack doesn’t get me” and suchlike. But as time has gone by and the human race has cures for many of the diseases and conditions that used to kill us and generally we have healthier lifestyles than even our immediate ancestors did, many of us are now living to an age where the brain is likely to go first, which personally, I now think is probably a more terrifying prospect than the diseases.

Liz Dianto… Heartbreaking

John Kingdon… I have had a stroke and then lost my speech, now I walk around with an oxygen bottle strapped on my back and I still sing at least once a week . Don’t give up until you are ready and certainly don’t worry about something you may get. The anxiety worrying about something you may get is and can be far worse than actually having real problems.

John Wilde… Having lost a parent to Dementia I know just how cruel this can be. Bless his Soul.

Jane Hartley… It is sad, but what’s worse is his family apparently fighting over his care.

Jon McCallion… It is so very sad

Barry Newton… Not a great end to a great artist/legend

Mick O’Dowd… He once played in The Beach Boys.

John Storer… Very moving song and video. For me, the bloke would still have been a god if he had only ever recorded “Wichita Lineman” and “Galveston”. His last album, “See You There” is well worth a listen