Flyright Records – Bexhill. 1970’s

Martin Waghorne… I’ve still got my copy up in the roof.

Dave Weeks… Terry Pack expert shop assistant.

Terry Pack… Thanks, Dave. Music has always been my specialist subject, after all!

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Still got my copy too

Chris Meachen… Got mine, & still play it now & again…

Terry Pack… I had several happy years working at Flyright during the 1970s. I used to visit the first shop in Wickham Avenue in 1973, and was soon asked to work there after school and on Saturday mornings. Although I was only 14, I was already knowledgeable about pop and rock, and was interested in blues and jazz. My friends started to buy their records there, and at the new shop in Sackville Road. I became friends with Simon and Mike, pictured above. They founded the magazine Blues Unlimited, and released rare blues and jazz recordings on the Flyright label. The connection with Stallion came about after Phil Thornton recommended me to Steve Demetria as replacement for Steve Kinch when he left to join Factory in 1975(6?). I was still at school, but went to audition at Steve’s rehearsal room above his family’s restaurant. I was offered the gig, but I felt much too young compared to Steve, Vic and Tich, and declined. Steve, though, took my number, and called to ask about releasing Skinny Kid on Flyright Records. A deal was done and the single was released (I have a white label copy somewhere). Steve chose not to pay Simon the balance he owed, and Simon took out a small claim to get it back. Despite this, Steve asked me once again to join Stallion when Roger left the band. Again, I declined, still feeling too young. I had a pang of regret when Stallion won the Melody Maker Rock Contest with Phil Gill on bass, and thought that I might have made the wrong decision (twice!), but had a good year with The Hollywood Killers before joking The Enid in October 76. That was when I left Flyright Records, which had become a much larger concern, employing Peter Stacey, Dave Carter and Pete Kent from the rival shop, Beaney’s. As we know, Steve D passed on a few years ago. Mike Leadbitter died in 1974, Simon Napier died in the early 1980s, Dave Carter died a couple of years ago, and I heard today that Pete Kent had passed on, too. I suppose that it was all a long time ago.

Phil Gill… Funnily enough Terry, at the same time Steve asked me to join Stallion, I was lined up to play guitar in The Hollywood Killers and was already learning their songs. Stallion appealed to me more. I’m glad I jumped in the direction I did.

Phil Thornton… I didn’t know about the stand up, I thought you joined the Enid to play Bass ?

Martin Waghorne… Hi Terry, didn’t you work in the shop with Dianne in Wickham ave before moving round the corner to Sackville rd. I used to spend most of my saturdays in Flyright records.

Terry Pack… Diane is Roy Stephenson’s mum. I knew Roy from playing football.

Tony May…  I bought some pivotal records in Flyright Records towards the end of its life. I got the original 12″ version of ‘Wham Rap’ by Wham in there in the cheap bin and discovered Midnight Star via the ‘I’ve Been Watching You’ 12″. My worst mistake as far as the shop was concerned was when I saw the Prince 12″ ‘Let’s Work’ in there. I had just got into Prince at the time but as the 12″ was full price and I didn’t have much cash I decided to leave it for now and see if it ended up in the cheap bin! I have NEVER seen another copy of it since! I seem to recall that they also had the similarly rare ‘Gotta Stop Messin’ About’ 12″…

Dave Nattress… Memories. Flyright and the staff were great. Being a Bexhill lad I was often in there, I remember Terry well as a real youngster. Dave Carter was a school friend at the Downs until he joined Westminster Choir School when he was about 7/8 and we were in contact for many years and as I said once before on these pages I saw him quite often and then one day he told me about his serious illness – really knocked me over. Played snooker with him not very long before he passed. Good old Pete Kent from Beaneys. A real source of knowledge and another great shop back in the day!!!

Jan Warren… many great memories and yeah, sadly our dear friend, Pete Kent passed away on 16th September, his funeral is tomorrow in Eastbourne, R.I.P dear Pete xxx

Louise Napier… Dear Terry Pack, actually dad, Simon Napier, died 1st December 1990, not the early 80’s. As Mark Twain would have said, the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated…..

Terry Pack… Sorry, Louise. It all feels like such a long time ago that I can’t even remember which decade things happened anymore. I really miss Simon. We got on like a house on fire, despite the difference in age. I suppose we had the music in common and a similar sense of humour, and chess! I hope you’re well, and Mark, too.

Martin Stringer… As the songwriter I still have my original copy of the single.


Dave Carter – R.I.P.


© bexhill observer

I’m very sorry to report the news that Dave Carter has died. I’m sure many people here will remember him from gigs, his great music knowledge and when he worked for Flyright Records in Bexhill. My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Phil Gill… This is sad news. Had a chat with him in the Standard earlier this year. He loved music and was a loyal follower of local bands.

John Wilde… Dearest David. Thank you for your loyalty. A good man and a good fan. Best wishes to your family. Journey on. ♡

Geoff Peckham… Oh no…I went to junior school with him and Dave Natress etc. He went on to Westminster Choir School I believe, but I never saw him since. Not surprised he was into music. So sad we didn’t connect after the age of 11….I’d love to know more about his life. Such a shame.

Chris Meachen…. Sad news indeed,- a lovely bloke in all respects..

Yvonne Cleland… RIP David Carter x

Dave Nattress… Thanks all and Geoff. Indeed, Dave was at Junior School with Geoff before going to Westminster Choir School. In fact Dave and I kept in contact on a personal and business basis – often meeting up in the local supermarkets and out for the odd beer. He told me just a few months back he was (basically) in a bad way – my words – and had been for a while, but was (of course) hoping to get through it for a good long time yet but…. alas not. We last played a game of snooker together not many weeks ago – both racking up the scores through each other’s foul’s – well certainly his being my fouls, and he was (overall) fine then on the face of it and the prospects looked good enough for a while, but, now we know, not quite good enough. I was very upset this morning to discover the bad news. Another good, close friend gone – so many in the last 18 months, along with so many music people of so many levels. He was a very good person. Another example of life being so cruel

Steve Kinch… So sorry to hear of his passing. Dave was a regular at gigs, and a great supporter of Hastings bands during the 70s. RIP Dave.

I have heard from his sister Heather and she is happy for friends to pass on personal comments to the family.  The service details are as follows:


Richard J Porter… Is he the guy that sold tax disc holders and key rings?

Alan Esdaile… He did work for one on the record companies for a while and yes Richard, Dave also worked at one of the promotional print companies. Kept trying to sell me printed pens and rulers etc

Nigel Ford… Sad news, he was at Bexhill Grammar a year above me and a friend of my cousin Andy Howe who was in his class (1964-71) I think, as he stayed into the sixth form after I left at 16. I hadn’t seen him for years when I did so at Die Laughing’s re-union gig at the Carlisle and another since but can’t remember which gig . Sincere condolences to all close to him, a thoroughly decent bloke.

Richard J Porter… Condolences to his family.

Terry Pack… I met Dave through my musical association with his brother, Kim and got to know him well when we worked together at Flyright. He was a great bloke, always laughing. I hadn’t seen him for a while and am saddened by his death. I have fond memories! RIP Dave.

Andy How… Thanks to Nigel for letting me know this very sad news. Dave joined BGS after leaving Westminster Abbey choir school and we quickly became close friends; had some great times together. His free use of weird expressions bounced back on him as he earned nicknames like Claude and Scab! We had a way of whistling relatively loudly in our throats and did so during Latin lessons, sitting on different sides of the class. It drove the teacher Josh Redwood berserk because he never could locate the double-sourced sound. We were also in the school choir together and played a lot of tennis in the holidays. I maintained brief contact with Dave after school; he went to work for the Bank of England I think. I’ve often thought of him since and wondered what he got up to. I remember both his parents, sister Heather, and their golden retriever. Condolences to the family. Thinking of and praying for you in these difficult days. Andy How.