Stallion first disc

supplied by Chris Meachen

Chris Meachen… Sorting through a box of miscellaneous stuff from the box-room today, & came across this cutting from the local rag.. Not sure, but I may have been the photographer.

Martin Stringer… interesting that the man who wrote the song Skinny Kid never got a mention. The song was claimed by Turner check out the singles label it says Stallion – Stringer. I know this because I am Stringer.

Jacquie Hinves… Martin, Who was the owner of Flyright Records in Eversley Road Bexhill. He was a lovely guy whom Peter Stacey and I spent a lot of time with. His name escapes me. He was short with a full beard. Sadly died a few years ago.

Terry Pack… Ho Jacquie, you’re thinking of Pete Kent. He used to run Beaney’s in Sackville Road and then came to work for Flyright. Simon Napier, Robin Gosden and Bruce Bastin were the partners in Flyright and then Swift. I used to work in the shop after school and on Saturdays.

Alan Esdaile… Don’t think I’ve seen this cutting before. Must be one of your Chris. Both sides of the single are great and still got mine somewhere. I see it sold for £21. on the Popsike website last year and Discogs have 2 for sale from £24.99.

Leigh Mitchell… I have this single too

Heather Sidery… Good to see this

Harry Randall… Still miss Tony aka Vic!

Nigel Ford… I was talking to Vic Bridger’s son at the Stallion gig at the Carlisle when they launched their recent cd album and he was after a copy of this. I don’t know if he ever got one, I have 2 I think but didn’t want to part with one then. I suggested he spoke with the band members, but don’t know what happened as I’ve not seen him since.

Iain Cobby… Still miss you Tony and Steve. Great memories . RIP

Diane Stephenson Flyright Records Bexhill 1977

Leigh Mitchell… I have a Flyright record!

Alan Esdaile… I’ve probably got the same one Leigh!

David Boss… A great record shop . In the 70s l bought heaps of 50s Rockabilly records here. These guys turned me on to Ray Campi, Charlie Feathers etc . I still play these records today and love them.

Dave Nattress… I remember Diane and Flyright very well as too a young Mr Pack. Always in there buying stuff – a great shop! A nice lady and a touch of the Glam about her!

Terry Pack… I worked in the shop and the import/export business from the age of 14 on. Loved it.