Ray Fenwick guitars for auction.



Click on link and go to lot 351 through to lot 390.

Catherine Ireland… That is so sad. I remember some of those guitars. Ray treated them with such respect and love. I’m so sad

Vintage Hastings Pier Sign For Sale – 1950’s


Alan Esdaile… Not sure if this has been posted anywhere before, might be an old sale?

Kevin Burchett… I think it has and was brought by hastings and st leonards angling association i think im right in saying am i Richard Lavender

Jim Breeds… I’ve seen it recently on the wall of a house in West Street.

Robert Wren… A similar one was for sale in an antiques shop in Bohemia about 30 years ago…..always regretted not buying it.

Mick O’Dowd… Oh for an up to date sign like this!

Rolling Stones Hastings Pier autographs 1964 up for sale for £1000 plus

Thanks to Jim Breeds for finding this…

Jim Breeds… Rolling Stones (and Hollies) autographs signed on The Pier in 1964, allegedly. Up for auction. Estimate £1,000 to £1,500. https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/ewbanks/catalogue-id-srew10106/lot-e589e0ff-cce4-4745-a6a2-a8e500b085f0

Iain Cobby… Oh poo. my mother , who worked in Hastings Pier Bingo met the Stones as i collected autographs as a young lad of 9 ( I Had lenny the Lion and The Rattles)………….. she didn’t like them as they had long hair and looked unwashed ………well?… anyway mum didn’t have any other paper to write on other than a bingo ticket. I had all of the guys including Brian. It stayed on my wall until I got married then was put away with other memorabilia until I was about to give it to a real (skateboarding) Stones fan . I never did find it .gone.disappeared into loft heaven. Sorry Mick. ………….. did I ever tell you about the time I met John Entwistle of the Who…………….

Jamiroquai – Buffalo Man for sale


Jamiroquai Buffalo Man. This would be ideal in the right club, shop or pub. Its in my warehouse in Hastings. He’s 10ft tall, weighs about 30kg, is made of plywood, mdf or faced chipboard (we can’t tell because of the paint and edging). There are one or two dings in the edges, but a touch up with black paint will make it right. We purchased this from Winterland merchandisers many years ago and understand it was used in a video or as a stage prop. Buyer collects. Open to offers.

Eddie Hazell – Beach Concert Photos


With the beach concert due at the end of July (30th & 31st July 2016 on The Stade) time to revisit previous years with many great memories in the photos from the late Eddie Hazell.  The photos (many we have not seen before) will start appearing on the SMART site soon. As before not sure on some of the names, please feel free to fill in the gaps or advise on any errors.

Vintage Marshall Amps For Sale


Now for sale on the website. (Technoempire.com )An amazing collection of 60’s & 70’s Marshall amps. #marshallamps #marshallplexi #marshallamp #marshallampsuk #1964 #1967 #1969 #jtm50 #jtm45 #jmp

Andy Qunta… Oh yeah! Nice!

Tony Qunta… Now you are talking! My first ‘proper’ amp was Marshall when I was seventeen and here I am several years later playing Marshall amps still! 😉

Chris Meachen… I’ve always considered Marshall the real deal;- I never really found the sound I was looking for until I plugged into one….