Forcefield – in the Slough Studio 1988 & Chris Cozens photo 1986/1987


Pete Prescott…. Pete, Ray, Chris, Neil and Cozy 1988. Slough Studio.

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Chris Cozens and Pete Prescott & Ray Fenwick supplied by Pete Prescott

Chris Cozens….No, I’d not seen that one so I’m so happy that that hairstyle is preserved here! PS – I AM standing up!

Andy Qunta….Great shot!

Pete Prescott… Chris like me is a left handed player. When we started writing together he came to my place in Hastings. This is around 1986/87

Terry Pack…  I did some sessions on the Graham Bonnet albums, too. They were pretty shambolic affairs: multiple studios (at least three), Cozy’s drums covered in tea towels, Ray’s sequenced keyboards, an engineer (at Redwood) who had no idea. I’m amazed they got finished and released.

Pete Prescott…  I’m proud of the fact that two songs of mine are on the album but I hate the way he sang the ballad. He came in so strong vocally and made mince meat of it. I have not heard it in a long time to be honest and it wasn’t giving “the long and winding road” a run for its money as a song ha ha ! So back to my original statement. I do remember a very worried Ray wondering how he was going to get the lead vocals on the Bonnet album finished when he only had 4 weeks to do it ! (Tony Martin and I sang on albums in 4/5 days each). Cozy said he had warned Ray about Bonnet.”just ask Roger Glover ” he said. But Ray wanted a big name. When he had the right song Bonnet is amazing. I mean he is Graham Bonnet.

Pete Shaw… Simone and Catfunkle… Harmony Hairspray…. After and before! Luv ya Pete !

Forcefield, The Cast, Marz around 1986??


supplied by Pete Prescott

Redstar Richter….kate davies – bless her

Dave Kent….”These days, The Observer prints pics like these to persuade vulnerable people to fit extra locks. I hope no children look at this, they’ll have to sleep with the light on for at least a month. “Gallery” was released in 1986. Other musicians were: Mick Burt, Mick Hutchinson (he of Clark-Hutchinson), Ernie Bloch-Sage, Billy surname-forgotten, Carl Turner, Gary Blakeley. Engineered by Clive Drew-Clifton who was driven to the edge of insanity by having to record countless versions of “Multi storey car park”. I think we may have been the reason that Clive decided to restrict his studio to voice-overs.”

Mick O’Dowd…..Worked with Dave at John Humphries. Hi Dave! Knew Keith from Unnormality. Still got the Cast tape with the legendary “Multi Storey Carpark”. They don’t write them like that anymore!

Mick Mepham…..ndeed Redstar, Kate was a good friend. She came to the Marz gig in Rye which is where I met my old mate Iain Ward, whose funeral I’ll be attending on Monday. That was our 3rd and final gig! There just weren’t enough venues for a band like that. That was also the gig after which my back went bang! Ahhhh, memories ……

Redstar Richter…..certainly a lovely lady – despite her quirk for leather jackets and (what I believe the youngsters call) *rock* music!

Forcefield – Smoke On The Water 1986



Smoke On The Water. 1986. Pete Prescott, Ray Fenwick with thanks to Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, Barry St John, Terry Pack & Pete Shaw.


Ray Fenwick & Cozy Powell supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott…. I took that during the sessions for the second album at a studio near slough.1988. during the session cozy neil murrey ray and i were messing around to “fly me to the moon”.he could swing.check out the stuff he did with jeff beck.neil was nice.very quiet it was valentines day.we were all writing cards for our wives and girl friends.cozy was suggesting we needed two years in the army.

Andy Qunta….Ray looks pretty excited about it! Great pic though, Pete!

Pete Prescott…..barry st john told some great stories about john lennon marc bolan pink floyd and her time doing sessions.amazing lady ! very funny.great singer.she took great delight in the way i stood on tiptoe to hit high notes (it didnt help !) i got a lot of stick over that.she sang on the mean business album i did with paul sinden.

Forcefield – more pictures recording studio 1988


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Pete Prescott….pete prescott ray fenwick chris cozens neil murray and cozy powell was at the studio near slough (now closed down) i was ill.pretty bad.couldn’t sing.i was replaced by tony martin of black sabbath in the end (good singer). . . i was rattling.i had throat was covered in white spots !