Neil Cartwright & Barry French in France – Anyone got a mic stand?

Neil & Barry pub in france Neil & Barry pub in france copy

supplied by Barry French

Barry French… This photo was taken during a family break with Neil at his home in northern France.
The two of us had been in the local Bar earlier that day for a drink.
After our beverage the Landlord came over to our table & began an in-depth conversation with Neil (All in French) When the discussion was concluded the Landlord shook me by the hand & kissed me on the cheek ( A bit over the top for buying two bottles of Becks I thought).
On the way back to Neil’s place I asked “What was that all about” Neil sheepishly replied “I’ve just got us a gig there” “When?” I asked “In a couple of hours” replied Neil.
Well to say that Neil was a little short of gear was an understatement. He had a small guitar amp, a Yamaha Pacifica guitar (Which was quite nice) and the amp and speakers from his stereo, which we transformed into a PA system.Neil found a couple of microphones & all seemed ready to go. I sat down & scribbled down some tunes which I thought we could get away with, & we proceeded to load the car. “Where do you keep the Microphone stands” I asked “Ah” said Neil “I haven’t got those” I looked around Neil’s Living room & there in the corner was an old fashioned wooden lamp-stand. Well ,under normal circumstances I have a high regard for other peoples property, but in this instance I pretty much ripped the shade of the Lamp stand & shouted “This will do” Neil found a music stand which he said ” I’ll sellotape a microphone to this & sit down & play (Neil’s not very tall & I still think he could have stood up & played) The gig? The place was packed, we went down really well, & we were paid in the universal currency of food & drink & had had a great time.
The two songs that went down a storm & had to play again? Johnny B Goode & Mustang Sally!!!!.