What is your favourite song from Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons?

Alan Esdaile… Mine is probably Beggin’.

Matt Thomas… Walk Like A Man

Nadia Compagnone… Beggin. One of my favourite songs. Tremendous performers.

Chris Pook… Down The Hall is my favourite.

Mark Harris… I was playing that on YouTube just the other day, great song, reminded me of Centre Page!

Chris Pook… Know what you mean Mark. I used to enjoy playing that one.. The song that reminds me of Centre Page (well Tony Bird anyway), is Love Will Keep Us Together originally by Capt & Tennille.

Mark Harris… They were our heroes! Rennies on a Thursday night!

Alan Essex… Marlena

Leigh Wieland-Boys… You’re Ready Now.

Sandy Max… Oh what a night! Otherwise known as December ’63

Sid Saunders… Big girls don’t cry.

Andy Qunta… They have a lot I love but I think my fave is Rag Doll.

Caz Simpson… Saw him twice live and Jersey Boys twice, love him. Rag Doll sigh

Matt Thomas… Saw them mid 90’s at Congress Theatre in Eastbourne, what a fantastic show

Dave Edwards… Rag doll

Mick O’Dowd… No Surfin’ Today

Dave Nattress… So many, but special memories go to “Opus 17 don’t you worry ’bout me” from 1966 when I was 13 and one summer seems like for days and days on end round a friend’s house playing this and other notable singles 6 at a time on his parents’ stereo radiogram thing, a big bunch of us lurking and dancing around – all such innocent fun times. Great song, maybe not as well known as most

Phil Goring… For me, got to be their first hit,Sherry, when they first came to the notice of the UK.

Steve Maxted… Rag Doll, on our jukebox too