What is your favourite Queen track?

Pete Fairless… The first one, Seven Seas Of Rhye, all went downhill from there…

Julie Morris… Such a great song Peter.

Tony Ham… Tough choice, possibly Keep Yourself Alive.

David Broome… Spread Your Wings or Brighton Rock.

Matt Thomas… Las Palabras De Amor or One Vision

Mark Le’mon… Prophet song

Dave Weeks… Anything from Queen 2

Chris Jolly… Headlong

Jan Warren… Crazy little thing called love and I’m going slightly mad ………….

Julie Morris… Those were the days of our lives

Roman May… Now I’m here

Lorna Brazier… Somebody to love. Also,, fairy king.

Paul Morfey… Liar!!

Tim Moose Bruce… The 70s material. When the only keyboard was the piano.

Ralph Town… Killer Queen

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Remembering Freddie Mercury – died 24th November 1991.

post suggested by John Austin



John Austin… Such a pity never got to see him or Queen down the pier, now that would have been something !

Dave Luck…  A great loss to Queen and the music industry.

Mick O’Dowd… Am I alone in not going raptures over Queen’s music? I do like some tracks but the majority don’t fire me up.

Alan Esdaile….Possibly Mick? I played the first album non stop. Of the later tracks, I love The Show Must Go On.

Jane Hartley… Just heard one that wasn’t released earlier, sorry, but there was a reason for that I’m thinking!

John Storer… Have to say I’m with Mr O’Dowd on this one … enjoyed the albums up to an including “A Night At The Opera” (but.. oh … how that has dated!) but “A Day At The Races” I found very disappointing and nothing they did afterwards held my attention

Mick Mepham… I  didn’t love them slavishly but with everything they released you just knew it was Queen. Not all bands can say that their music stands out from the crowd. May’s guitar playing and sound and Mercury’s vocal are/were very distinctive and you really knew who was coming at you! There’s only a few can say that. If I didn’t like all their songs I loved their precision, flair, musicianship and showmanship.

Yvonne Cleland… I  saw them at Earl’s Court back in the day…….