Freddie Starr dies

1976 Lawson Speedway

Dennis Torrance… Sweet dreams Freddie rip a legend

Barry Upton… Shame he got so much shit before he died

Roger Simmonds… Such a funny guy!

Alan Esdaile… Always think back to The Audience with shows. He had a very good singing voice.

Peter Houghton… He was brilliant as Elvis and when he played with Elvis’s backing band it was great to see it.

Karl Holden… Another genius who at times came close to madness.

Mick O’Dowd… He could never get away with some of his stuff these days. Especially his Hitler in wellies. Snowflakes and the pc police wouldn’t allow it. Comedians, were so much funnier in those days think Les Dawson etc. I’ve been in tears watching him sometimes and he was great live. You never sat in the first few rows!!!! He was also a good singer and performed as Freddie Starr & The Midnighters and I believe appeared on The Pier in the 60’s. They were one of the early Liverpool beat groups. Sad loss all round.

Pete Fairless… No record of them playing the pier, they were a Joe Meek act.

Jan Warren… Yeahhhhh, our brilliant comedians of the 60s and 70s …… Freddie Starr, Les Dawson, Tommy Cooper, Bob Monkhouse ………. and many more, we just don’t get that humour these days, its all too PC??!! – but my all-time favourite will always be Billy Connolly!!!

Pete Fairless… “All too PC”, have you seen Jimmy Carr?