Andy Fraser – Free bassist dies aged 62.


source: classic rock

Chris Sambrook… Very sad to hear of the death of Andy Fraser. The live version of Mr. Big says it all really. R.I.P.

Neil Cartwright… Ouch! During his time with Free, one of my all-time favourites.

Karen Sweatman….

Chris Meachen… Why are so many of the heroes of my youth going down like ninepins? This is becoming alarming, particularly as the age difference isn’t that great in many cases..

Chris Giles… Don’t Chris trouble is there not much older than myself either

Pete Prescott… Very sad. My favourite band. Great player.

Terry Pack… One of my favourites.

John Wilde… A battle bravely fought. Journey on Free spirit. You were Loved.

Jim Breeds… Terrible.

Colin Fox… Two great bassist in one week.

Alan Esdaile… Anyone remember the band ‘Sharks’? Love the track Steal Away.


Dennis Torrance… Oh no not another great musician gone

Dave Nattress… There were/are Bass players and then there’s Andy Fraser. Free – still my all time favourite. What about Andy’s high (bass) notes on “All Right Now” for one and so many more. “Mr Big” – just one more of so many spectacular examples of Andy’s bass playing. RIP Andy and like so many more, thanks for the music.

Neil Cartwright… … and he played ‘those high notes’ 45 years ago – 17 years old. What a gift.

Dave Nattress… Yes, Sharks….2 really great albums, First Water and Jab it in Yore Eye. Favourites off First Water are World Park Junkies and Snakes and Swallowtails. Also many great tracks on Jab it in Yore Eye. Got both on vinyl and CD. Andy was bassist only on the first album “First Water” – the one illustrated above with the fabulous Shark logo. Back cover of First Water shows a shot of Seaford Head on the South Downs! Saw them on Whistle Test (I’m pretty sure it must have been). They also did at least one more album – released in 1995 with Chris Spedding and Snips, (Steve Parsons), from the first 2 albums. This was called “Like a Black van parked on a dark curve”. Pretty cool album name. Also got this on CD but this one doesn’t for me at least, hit the spots like the first 2 albums. Andy had left the band many years before.