Hastings bus Maidstone & District and timetable memories from Sarah Harvey

supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… I have just acquired this model, probably more for nostalgia and the fact that I caught a lot of local buses like this when I was a kid. The Leyland Atlantean / Metro Cammell in Maidstone & District livery and displaying the Service No. 151. It was introduced in Hastings in 1961. The 151, alongside the 133 was one of the mainstay bus routes serving Hastings. I have also attached a page from the 1964 bus timetable. Not sure the 31 minutes end to end timings could be maintained nowadays 🤔Their rough equivalents to day are the 20 and 22 respectively. If you have lived in Hastings much of your life, did you ever catch one of these?

Peter Fairless… That’s brilliant, Sarah

Martin Richter… the 133 – a ha’penny from Bohemia to the town as a nipper 🙂 (but usually free!)

Geoff Peckham… Being a Bexhillian I rode the 156 or the 157 to and from school from Glyne Gap. My Nan lived in Turkey Rd where they turned round, so I used them to get there, and of course for trips to Hastings or the College. Well found, Sarah. x

Colin Bell… Oh yes, some fond memories here Sarah x

Tony Court-holmes… i loved Fremlins bitter

Paul Phillips… 151 was that the downs farm bus ..i lived Churchill Avenue 133 route and 157

Andy Gunton… Strangest train I’ve ever seen

Sarah Harvey… Oooo train-spotters / bus spotters, all part of the same family of species

Patrick Lewis… 151 and 133 frequently-our life line to downtown Hastings and St Leonard’s.

Sid Saunders… This was the first bus I drove in service at the start of my 34 years in Hastings in 1972.

Marcus de Mowbray… Many journeys between Sevenoaks and Maidstone on those!

Jim Breeds… The 133 from/to King’s Head near to where I lived was my mainstay, but the 151 was a reasonable substitute if I didn’t mind the walk from Down Farm estate to home.

Nigel Sherwood… Used to get 133 from the gas showrooms up to school at Elphinstone

Roger Carey… Living on the Ridge /edge of town, the main bus for us was the 155 circular route- for school and town trips. Remember seeing 133s on trips to Silverhill where my school mate Philip Till lived. Also the 76 which went down the (to me, then) incredibly long St Helen’s Road. In my very young years I thought the song “76 trombones” was about that bus and road!

Lucy Pappas… used the 128 and the 134, both of them single decker xx

Harry Randall… Used to live in Upper Glen road so caught the 151 either way at the Victoria Inn or walked up or down the hill to catch the 133 I’m so old I go back to the tram days!

John Busbridge… The 151 used to go to town via London Road I think and the 133 the same but via Bohemia road?

Andre Martin… Yes they were both our of Silverhill Depot [old trolley depot] and were basically Council Estate to Council Estate. 151 went via London Road and Memorial,Fishmarket, Harold Road, 133 Cambridge Road Memorial,Queens Road, Mount Pleasant, St Helens Hospt, Churchill Ave or Ore and Down Road. If I remember about every 10 mins in day and 20 mins at night.

Sandra Bryant… much more frequent in those days. My Dad used to drive Atlanteans.

Phil Thornton… I remember the 156 !

Nicola Dobson… My grandfather drove the buses and my uncle too

Chris Meachen… We used to take the mick out of wannabe bikers.. “what bike have you got, M&D 133?” I used to catch that service quite frequently when without my own transport..

Jane Hartley… 133 was my bus home.

John Gale… I remember the 133. Use to catch it from The Fortune of War to town and back, later became the 433. Great photos.

Jeff Chuzz Balcombe… yep both of them the 133 & the 151, used to live in Old Church Road, they was nearly always on time, plus if you missed one you knew you didn’t have to wait too long for the next one.

Mick O’Dowd… When did M& D stop serving Hastings? I also remember East Kent that had single deckers that were more like coaches and very comfortable.

Paul Phillips… yes i remember them Mick had comfy leather seats..service was from town centre to Rye..had bus station on ridge where Alsford Timber is now

Alan Wood… Nice …same bus that came through Robertsbridge but numbered no5, happy days, used to go upstairs with my gran to have a smoke !!

Edward Adams… had a bus garage in Ore where b & q was

Nigel Ford… Rode one for 50 minutes twice a school day for 5 years from Netherfield Hill to Bexhill Grammar, Turkey Road via Sedlescombe / Silverhill progressing from downstairs front to back seat top playing my Ferguson tranny with Radio1 on for the last 3 years to the joy of many. It started from Woods Corner, Dallington, PRIVATE “B”. Similar “A” bus ran from Burwash via Crowhurst, highlight of our days as only contact we had with the girls as schools still separated then.

David Nattress… Well, like Geoff I’m a Bexhillian and do remember the Maidstone and District buses very well and Southdown? so the trolley buses around Bexhill and Hastings – not sure if these were M & D – anyway, one of those things I remember vividly was this. I recall as a young lad taking the family dog down to Bexhill seafront one particular day. It was low tide and the dog decided to eat parts of a starfish or two. For some reason – tiredness/laziness I decided to get the bus back home from the Marina. I sat right near the back, dog on the lead sitting on the entrance bit by the rear door. Suddenly the dog “honked up” the bits of starfish all over the landing floor and just as the conductor came down the stairs and upon seeing the mess threw me and the dog off at the next stop.

Lynn Graham… 151, that’s the bus I used to catch home. Stopped at the Tivoli and I’d walk to Lewis Road from there.

Martin Richter… I remember the 133 had a bizarre route – get on in queen’s rd – up castle street – around the fountain and back down to cambridge road ?

Peter Houghton… I remember the 156 i think it went frim Sidley where i caught it at Springfield to go to the old town down then down sea Rd to Bexhill then back up sea Rd to Hastings

Nick Rowland… I used to live in Lower Maze Hill and often travelled to Hastings Town Centre and back to Christchurch.

Ralph Town… I’d love one. Is it a 1/50 scale or the smaller efe 1/72 scale? I might have had one in the past but can’t remember if it was a 151.

Cliff Wootton… Used to catch the 151 every week for music lessons from Harold Road (near the Clive Vale reservoirs) all the way up to Tower Road school just short of Silverhill.

Nigel Ford… I’ve just won one on ebay for under £8 posted…. EFE 1/76th scale, gonna have to make some PRIVATE B destination signs for it. I’ll get another and give it to my best man and his wife who both were on the bus with me though for only 4 years, though I must seek out some SHEPHERD NEAME side posters for it rather than FREMLINS as he was a regular in the Abbey Hotel, Battle which was a SH/N pub. Oh! ….and I forgot to mention there was rivalry between the A & B buses. If we should ever get close to each other during the journeys (only possible at Battle & from Harley Shute Rd to the school gates) there would be foul chants of 4 letter words and mass pronging of the fingers from us on the top decks…!!!