Hastings Carnival 1973


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Maureen Fuller… 1973 was the year l was Hastings Carnival Queen the Carnival Parade started from the Bathing Pool with a band leading the way and all major stores had floats Debenhams, M&S ,Philpots,Wards, KB electicians and more to the fountain roundabout and then up Queens Road to Alexandra Park for fireworks and dancing

Bands We’ve Seen On Hastings Pier – Tony May

hastings pier

Tony May talking about  Bands On Hastings Pier

Hastings Pier may just be a derelict and rusting shell at the moment but its great to know that ‘the old girl’ is far from forgotten in the minds of many in the town and a number of nostalgic groups have popped up since the fire on social media websites like Facebook.

One such group –‘ Bands We’ve Seen On Hastings Pier’ http://www.facebook.com/groups/196962362327/ has proved particularly popular and has become THE place to visit on the Internet for those who desire to wax lyrical about anything to do with the Pier’s illustrious musical past.

Reading through the many posts makes you realise just how special a place Hastings Pier was in its heyday and its amazing to see just how many popular performers have contributed memories and/or photos to the group pages. In fact, almost anyone who has ever meant anything to the musical side of Hastings seems to have joined the conversation at some point and told a story or shared a memory or photograph.

Interestingly, those who had a close association with the Pier in the 1970’s seem to be the most vociferous members and there are numerous posts from Hastings favourites like Phil Thornton, Mick Mepham, Pete Fairless, Johnny Mason (Alan Esdaile), Terry Huggins, Ken Dengate, Robert Wren and a host of others.Don’t for a second though think that the party is an all male affair. Oh No! Plenty of ladies including Pam Shallcross, Yvonne Cleland and Margaret Haywood are regular posters and are just as passionate and chatty regarding their own personal memories.

It never ceases to make me smile when I think of the ‘eclectic’ selection of acts to have appeared on the Pier over the years…One of the weirdest groups of all perhaps was ‘Gong’. A ‘space rock, psychedelic, progressive rock band’, the group was never one to do things by half and Phil Thornton remembers that “UV lights, gliss guitar and paper plates” were all ingredients of the bands stage show.

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Gary Glitter – Hastings Pier 1972/1973

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Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Andre Martin….just thought that I would mention, FORTY YEARS ago this weekend

Martyn Baker… Yep, I was there (later in 1973) , aged 14, and I must have even have bought a ticket – (we all used to swim out to the end of the pier with a bag of clothes to evade the ticket barrier in those days – but only in the summer). I remember it being a great show too. Shame about Gary Glitter.


Martin Casson Agency – 1972


Andre Martin…. I wonder how many of those venues are still in operation ! Not many of the Military, thanks to successive Government cutbacks !

Peter Millington… Alan, I was playing with Suspect in 1973 when we did a gig supporting Garry Glitter on the Pier. Could this be the one if Sabotage crashed out?

Andre Martin… It might well have been, as if I remember correctly, Sabotage were suddenly flown out to NY for a Cunard Cruise, all their equipment went as luggage with Cunard picking up the tab, and Paul went to Heathrow to supervise the whole flight etc – the date shown in the Christmas Advert would have been the replacement show from the December 9th 1972

Mark Edir… Haha when Gary Gliter was cool , I was there both times the no show and the gig he did turn up for.


Gary Glitter – Alexandra Park 1973




all cuttings Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Mick O’Dowd….. remember the GG gig as I stayed in a tin caravan backstage with Andre P.M as security the night before and there was an horrendous storm!

Andre Martin…..The Gary Glitter performance was an arrangement between the Hastings Round Table Carnival and Martin-Casson Agency, and was the Carnival Night Dance, they usually for this event used local musicians.


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