more Milo’s Restaurant explosion George Street Hastings 1963 photos shared from Sam Lord

shared from Sam Lord Nostalgia Hastings (& It’s Hamlets) facebook page.

Harry Randall… they said they would never build on it again as a mark of respect?

Monica Bane… So interesting to see these pictures again. Thanks for memories!

John Gale… (2nd photo) Wow. That could have been taken when Saturdays went up in flames.

Tony Court-holmes… I remember mum was going to work in the Mermaid cafe that morning

Chris Wood… Interesting construction it looks like the walls are made of wooden tiles then rendered over..



Milo’s Restaurant George Street Hastings – Gas explosion 1963

photo ©  Monica Bane

Gary Benton… that’s a great video

Chris Meachen… I remember the bang when that happened, it rattled our windows in Halton…

Stella Huggett… I remember it well. My grandparents in Italy so a photo of it and thought a bomb had gone off.

Harry Randall… Remember it well! They said they would never build on the site! Yeah?

Iain Cobby… My parents and I lived above the Burger Bar at the other end of George St by the Hastings Arms. Fortunately we were on holiday in Cornwall and came back to the pandemonium a week later!