Mister B and Queen Bee – Hairdresser York Buildings Wellington Place 1979

Matt Thomas… My barbers of choice in my teens

Martin Richter… me too

Matt Thomas… Patrick

Martin Richter… oh yes – known him since I was 13

Eugene Hughes… Didn’t that used to be The Black Cat (le chat noir)?

Alan Esdaile… It was a bit further along Eugene stairs going up maybe next to Mozleys?

Chris Meachen… Always used to get my hair cut by Patrick, who I still bump into occasionally.

Alan Esdaile… I also bump into Patrick from time to time and used to get my hair cut by him.

Terry Hardwick… Patrick was a DJ and clued up on his music

Chris Meachen… Originally above the greengrocers, which is now part of KFC…

Martin Richter… Ripley’s

Tim Brooder… Still going,new mister B new location!

Alan Esdaile…Tim will always give you a good haircut at a reasonable price at 41 Robertson Street.

Dave Nattress… Glad I had ridiculously long unkempt hair from 16 – 20.  A long time ago.  Now, my Wife just needs to give me a very short back and sides – number -1 and a shine on top.

Joe Knight… Then Robinson St ; town centre 😊80s