The Pump House George Street Hastings 1978

Franks Shoebox collection © HAPP1066

Hasting and Area, Past and Present… The Pump House in 1978. “Tasty Pub Grub”. I remember the Hott Stuff takeaway. They did some fantastic battered mushrooms 🙂. Big apologies to Lloyds Bank next door, whose night safe deposit box was often the recipient of discarded chip bags! We can also see the pub sign for The Anchor, a charity shop and Len Butlers Emporium.

Alan Esdaile… I forgot about Lloyds Bank being in George Street!

Danielle Reed… I knew there was a bank there had a discussion about this a few years ago mystery solved lol

Wendy Weaver… Love the Citroen parked in front

Ken Wilson… Seems odd now that we were able to drive and park there

Pauline Sims… Brings back some interesting memories, mostly good ones of happy times!

Bob Searle… Lovely times

Malcolm McDonald… Wasn’t that pub built and made to look old was it a lifeboat house or something before it was built?

John Wilde… Malcolm, built 1929 in the Tudor style

Chris Fitzgerald… The hot stuff shop was a juke box shop in 78. I used to get old Juke box records from there.

David Kent… Nice to see Woody Allen and Sean Connery holidaying together in Hastings.

Alan Wood… When I ventured out to Hastings this was the first pub I had to pay over a £ for a pint ,a shock I can still remember

Chris Baker… I lived at “Showstopper” at No 7. I remember Len and Harold Butler ran separate (Near identical) shops a few doors apart. I wonder if Harry Reynolds, who lived about Harold Butler’s, can tell us what happened?

Peter Houghton… I remember when you used to Drive and Park downtown George Street The Street seems to be narrower now

Rod Rolfe… I think the pump house used to be a shoe shop,my mum used to work there as a cleaner when it first opened,I think the landlord was Jack Griffen



Downtown Saturdays 1981 with DJ’s Barry Page & Simon Veness

Martin Richter… Barry Page is the best dj – ever!

Vince Ray… Wow. So where was Downtowns on George Street?

Fred Marsh… Saturdays was at the end of George St above the amusements, never forget the stairs up to it or indeed trying not to fall down them a few hrs later

Vince Ray… Oooh yes, didn’t realise Saturdays was Downtown too

Andy Wilson… Nobody called it Downtown though – everyone still called it Saturdays.

Bikers electrical engineers – George Street Hastings & London Road St Leonards-on-Sea

Who remembers Bikers?

Fred Marsh… yes i remember Bikers as a kid on the fishing boats id be despatched to get something or other an put the account of RX126. Allso in later years had the honour of working for Sr Biker at St Pauls n/hme she was married to Duncan Biker.

Jane Hartley… His daughter is my next door neighbour.

Marcus J Lamb-Bentley… Why’s it priced in guineas

Mick O’Dowd… Marcus, that was the posh way in those days and actually made it look cheaper than it was. A guinea was 21/- (£1.05) and worked out at 39x £1,05 and therefore greater than £39!

Nigel Ford… Mother had them out to mend her twin-tub (in Battle) and we bought a reconditioned washing machine from them when first married 42 years ago….. even though I was a “mod”….. geddit?.

Dave Weeks… We had a posh Grundig

JS Bythesea… Dave, so did we. But it was secondhand.

Colin Gibson… Because it’s 1959

Pauline Richards… Me. Miss Biker still lives locally too


who remembers The Lugger 73 George Street Hastings – 1974

Dawn Leaney… Me!

Chris Baker… Many’s the night spent with Luis and Maria “Spoofing” for a round of drinks. I seem to remember it was always a Pound a Round and personally polishing off a bottle of Rum before crawling back across the road to Showstopper @ No. 7. Also got “Toothbrush” as a puppy from Luis and Maria.

Mick Knights… I can remember when it was the old town pie shop!

Chris Baker… Me too, lived in Cobourg from 55 ish. I loved watching the Pie making machines.

Sue James… the pie making shop was on the corner where Fagins now is, The Lugger was a couple of doors away, I used to go to the pie shop with my mum and man. I loved that place, whenI asked people if they remembered it they always said no

Chris Meachen… Fagins is the same building..

Alan Esdaile… At one stage I think it was a coffee bar with western doors and sawdust on the floor and pinball tables.

Gaynor Duke… remember the safari club ?