Saturdays Discotheque & opening night 1975 – George Street Hastings


supplied by Hugh Beeching

Martin Richter…. saturdays

Clare Bennett… I remember dancing a lot in Scalliwags

Jules Stretton… Hastings seafront my parents used to party there ! X

John Storer… Definitely Saturdays …. we had our joint Stag & Hen night there in August 79

Yvonne Cleland‚Ķ¬†Reminds me of Bonitas or Aquarius…

Margaret Fletcher… Not Saturday

Rilka Brignall… Looks like saturdays to me

Peter Millington… Could that be Chris Glazier spinning plastic РScalliwags perhaps?

Kevin Burchett… its definitly not scalliwags its saturdays

Alan Esdaile‚Ķ¬† Thinking now this could be Aquarius which was what Saturday’s was called previously in the 70’s.

Kevin Burchett… Its Saturdays because of the lights no one had lights like that in Hastings then or now

Phil Gill‚Ķ¬†Could be the one at the back of Wellington Square that’s now a curry house. ¬†It was always too loud for meaningful conversation, so I just used to listen to the music. If you listen carefully, you can spot the little disco funk references Steve and I worked into some of the Stallion songs. It’s very subtle, but it’s there. We were very cheeky.¬†Well, two that spring to mind…listen to the bass and drums on Arsony in the UK, which is basically sped up disco funk followed by a 50s doo wop chorus. And on the live version of Cobra, we referenced Oops Upside Your Head.

Alan Esdaile… Was the club in Wellington Square called Courtneys?


Supplied by…. Leigh Wieland-Boys via Kevin Burchett

Kevin Burchett… heres another pic from the opposition Saturdays lol.its a promo pic from the 1975 opening. with the lovely Leigh Wieland-Boys

Peter Millington… I recognise the waitress Рanyone know her name?

Leigh Wieland-Boys‚Ķ.It’s me Peter! Lx

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Pardon – Safari Club George Street Hastings, Joe Milligan and write up 1974

supplied by Len Benton

Ian McGilvray, Tony Bird and Len Benton.

Photo 2 jamming with Joe Mulligan

Ian McGilvray…¬†Joe was a great sax player.

Harry Randall…¬†back in 67-68 I used to sing for his soul band whatever happened to Joe and Ron? ¬†Shouldn’t that be Joe Milligan not Mulligan?

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Harry, have updated.

Ernest Ballard… Tony looks so young

Roy Penfold…¬†I was about to say the same – mind you, he hasn’t changed much over the years

Paula Kerkvliet….¬†Joe passed away few years ago now . Ron lives in Hastings still.

Harry Randall…¬†Love to catch up with him!

Tony Court-holmes…¬†used to work there



Charity Disco Dancing competition – Saturdays Discotheque George Street Hastings 3rd May 1979

Martin Richter…¬†Goodhew’s days ? the guy on the right looks familiar ?

Jim Breeds…¬†I doubt I was there. I’d started working in London the previous January and stayed in my flat most nights drinking cocoa.

Matt Thomas…¬†I would have loved to have been old enough to go clubbing around this time

Julie Findlay-jones…¬†I was probably there with your sister.x

Julie Morris…¬†Happy times!

Patricia Wapshott…¬†I was there ! The best of times

Julie Morris… Dawn,¬†apologies if I’m wrong but is that by any chance you in the background?! I’m pretty sure my old school friend Sue is next to you – or I may just be getting old!

Dawn Leaney…¬†Well it could be Julie? Although I think my hair was longer around that time and I don’t recall that dress? If it is I’m sure o would of had a few dubonnet and lemonades!

Kev Perry…¬†I was in that

Perri Ann Haste…¬† I was there – Great evening, think I was drinking Martini & lemonade then! – those were the days!

Martin Richter…¬†taking a punt (and I could be *very* wrong) – I think the guy is Martyn Wong ?

Paul Bryant…¬†I think you could be right Martin,he was a fantastic

Matt Thomas…¬†Ron & Joyce my old dance teachers from above FADS in Queens Rd

Leigh Wieland-Boys…¬†oh my that brought back a memory, my friend & I had Saturday
Night Fever dance lessons with Ron & Joyce above FADS!!!🕺

Annika Banfield…¬†Ooh, I was dancing in that competition. Sweet memories

Adlehied Hoohaa Welsh…¬†I would love to know who these two are.? Anyone?

Alan Esdaile…¬†In the write up it says the winners are Lorraine Burkes and Simon Ginsberg but a couple of people think it could be Martyn Wong?

Sara Mcdonald Kingham…¬†I was going to say i think its Martyn Wong

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Aquarius sold for £20,000 to Goodhews April 1974

Matt Thomas…¬†Is this what I remember as Saturday’s?

Samantha Blake…¬†yes x

Peter Thomson…¬†Blimey that‚Äôs ¬£500 more than I paid for my first house!

Chris Pook…¬†Wonder what its like in there now?

Steve Thorpe…¬†Saw Suzi Quattro there!

Peter Thomson…¬†I saw The Sweet, Blackfoot Sue, Marmalade, Kiki Dee and probably others. Sweet stand out – Blockbuster was either at number one or about to be. Had some outrageous offers for my ticket.

Leigh Wieland-Boys…¬† I have posted this before – this is a photo of the opening night of Saturdays circa 1975 when they had waitresses

Alan Pepper…¬†Plenty a good time had there in the seventies ! With Steve Maxted on the double decks ! Highlights of mine were Hot Chocolate Johnny Johnson and the bandwagon and Donnie Elbert. Went out with a fiver came home ears ringing worse for wear girls phone number (if lucky) and still some change in my pocket Ha Ha .


Saturdays Discotheque George Street Hastings – photo Martin Richter

photo Martin Richter

Martin Richter…¬†the “whizz-line” is a giveaway this is *bar 2* – the *cocktail bar* – I started work here on the day after my 18th birthday.¬†With simon grant, chris davies, steve “roots” bridger, vince catt and could be daren gillett?

Paul Bryant…¬†That is a great photo mate,Tim And Keith in the middle of it all,looks kinda like that photo at the end of the Shining with Jack in the photo

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cuttings supplied by: Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

Chris Coleman…¬†I was there, was you ?

Tont Court-holmes…¬†i remember falling down the stairs or was i thrown out for being drunk its all a haze now

Will Hadfield… Best time ever!!!

Alan Pepper… Yes Will got to be the best year for Music Fashion Weather Nightlife etc !!