Charity Disco Dancing competition – Saturdays Discotheque George Street Hastings 3rd May 1979

Martin Richter… Goodhew’s days ? the guy on the right looks familiar ?

Jim Breeds… I doubt I was there. I’d started working in London the previous January and stayed in my flat most nights drinking cocoa.

Matt Thomas… I would have loved to have been old enough to go clubbing around this time

Julie Findlay-jones… I was probably there with your sister.x

Julie Morris… Happy times!

Patricia Wapshott… I was there ! The best of times

Julie Morris… Dawn, apologies if I’m wrong but is that by any chance you in the background?! I’m pretty sure my old school friend Sue is next to you – or I may just be getting old!

Dawn Leaney… Well it could be Julie? Although I think my hair was longer around that time and I don’t recall that dress? If it is I’m sure o would of had a few dubonnet and lemonades!

Kev Perry… I was in that

Perri Ann Haste…  I was there – Great evening, think I was drinking Martini & lemonade then! – those were the days!

Martin Richter… taking a punt (and I could be *very* wrong) – I think the guy is Martyn Wong ?

Paul Bryant… I think you could be right Martin,he was a fantastic

Matt Thomas… Ron & Joyce my old dance teachers from above FADS in Queens Rd

Leigh Wieland-Boys… oh my that brought back a memory, my friend & I had Saturday
Night Fever dance lessons with Ron & Joyce above FADS!!!

Annika Banfield… Ooh, I was dancing in that competition. Sweet memories

Adlehied Hoohaa Welsh… I would love to know who these two are.? Anyone?

Alan Esdaile… In the write up it says the winners are Lorraine Burkes and Simon Ginsberg but a couple of people think it could be Martyn Wong?

Sara Mcdonald Kingham… I was going to say i think its Martyn Wong

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Hot Chocolate – Aquarius Club Hastings 28th April 1973

28th april 1973 - hot chocolate

hot choc brother

Mick O’Dowd… Good little band. Saw them several times including this one.

Tony Davis… I was the house DJ at the Aquarius on this gig. I remember that the band went on first without Errol who was standing in the wings talking to me. We both noticed that he had missed his cue but he wasn’t bothered commenting they would get back to it in a minute. Nice guy and a good night.

Barry French… Does anyone else recall seeing Hot Chocolate on the Pier in the 70’s or did I dream it?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Barry, July 1975, great night remember it well as I did the disco.

10246537_447963015349161_5648966544186839541_n supplied by Sarah Harvey

Mick O’Dowd… Osibisa were one of the most exciting concerts i’ve worked on. They were absolutely electric. Trouble was they couldn’t transfer this exictement to disc. Great band though.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I was there at Hot Chocolate that night!

Tony Court-holmes… i think i was there

Aquarius – Hastings Top Disco Scene January 1975

Judy Atkinson… Used to go Thursday nights when Steve Maxted was on. Was doing O levels (1974) so my dad would pick us up at 11! I remember when it had the red plastic seating & a huge wooden dance floor. The boys would all do the “angel” to Status Quo & the whole floor would bounce

Nick Prince… Didn’t it close early?

Tony Court-holmes… I fell down the stairs

Ye Olde Pump House George Street Hastings 1955?

photo © Dr Neil Clifton

Sophie Ash… Wasn’t The Pump House (in)famously built in 1959?

Mark Bilsby… 1956 so photo must be incorrectly dated. My grandmother was a barmaid there ,at this time

Steve Hamilton… Thanks for posting. My grandmother lived next door on the other side of the steps. I notice her window is open – must be a special occasion – about 20 years later I would be hanging outside the window watching the punks at the weekend!

Malcolm McDonald… I lived in The Royal Standard as a kid.

Roger Simmonds… I remember when it wasn’t a pub just an old building empty at the time in the 1950 time period

Peter Ellingworth… …..and Butler’s Famed Emporium a lttle further along ?

Carol Anne… Many happy nights in this old pub, driving across from Bexhill,  before heading back across to the Sundowners night club, not sure we’d get away with it now, happy days

Nigel Ford… 3 years old at the time I believe?…. not as old as it looks

Tony Collins… I used to like saying to people welcome to the oldest pub in Hastings, no not that one The Anchor opposite!!!

Peter Firmin… Same year as me but I’m not olde

David Edwards… Roger, if I am right there was a shoe shop there before

Saturday’s Disco or JR’s Hastings?

Janine Hemsley… What a great photo. Is that you Annette Coombes?

Annette Coombes… yes it is me. It looks like a few of the girls I worked with from Nationwide. I’m not sure what we were all doing

Gary Benn… That’s Alan Heitzman in there, I’d say 82/83? Any later and Andy Cronin’s mullet got much more bouffant!

Matt Thomas… Just been told  that it’s JRs not Saturdays

Dave Axell… Jeezzz look at the girls to guys ratio

Si Elvins… thats deffo JRs and the JRs crowd

Nicola Dawson… All those perms, it has to be late 80s

Georgie Fewell… Used to love Saturdays

Gill Smith… Loved it x

Stuart Moir… Deffo not JRs .

Bernard Baker… Loved it at 18 – but better places such as The Oasis club Rye……….

Andy Ives… JR’s

Danny Featherbe… I‘m there, first male face from the left



Mungo Jerry – Aquarius 10th February 1973.

mungo jerry 13th feb 1973

Geoff Peckham… I believe this was the night that my Factory’s Sound City amp was stolen at the end of the evening. I stupidly left it unattended on the pavement whilst loading the van. Anyone seen it?

Phil Gill… I’m sure I saw Tony Qunta using an old Sound City head recently….

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Was there that night too (to see Mungo Jerry, not steal an amp I hasten to add

Phil Gill… Graham How, wasn’t this the gig that you, me and Burke Shelley from Budgie ended up at Rock a Nore in your Reliant Robin?

Geoff Peckham… If so, where did you find the room for my amp, eh?

Phil Gill… We made two trips.

Jim Breeds… I was at the Mungo Jerry gig.

Andre Martin…  And on Friday Night – Sabotage.


Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Alan Esdaile… Remember working with Sabotage a few times. They were a great pop harmony band.

Dave Nattress… Very witty Mr Gill. Like it!! Knowing Budgie well and having seen them and got albums and CD’s – amazed they should play the Aquarius! Dance to Budgie?

Saturday’s Discotheque George Street Hastings – tourist info photo


Jim Breeds… Ah yes, the blurry double vision caused by too many vodka & limes!

Andy Hemsley… Jim, So you have experienced that strange phenomenon?

Matt Thomas… Any idea of year?

Alan Esdaile… I would think early 80’s. Probably 83/84???

Matt Thomas… I would have said about then. When I was going up there it was mostly suits

John Gale… I reckon 81. After that, you would have seen a lot more ‘New Romantic ‘ styles up there.. there’s more of a disco look there, might be wrong. It’s funny though ,that photo is like it’s been taken through my slightly drunk eye

Mark Spry… 1984

Coral Pasqua… I worked there in the 70s

Colin Bell… Ahh the memories….

Heidi Hustwayte… Best place ever for a night out dancing in 1981/2. Loved the place. The excitement waiting in the queue that sometimes went back as far as the Deluxe, the the walk up those stairs!

Kim Thompsett… Complete with masonic floor…

Angela Mitchell… Are you sure they’re real people? They look like wax mannequins

Andrew Freeman… Staircase …. that’s all I’m saying!

Michael Linskey… I would say early 80s l remember it also when it was the Aquarius great memories and fun nights out that’s the ones l could remember lol

Gill Smith… I remember the disco dancing competition I took part in and judged by the local dance instructors of the time Ron and Joyce (can’t remember the surname) who ran a dance school above FADS back in the late 70s

John Clee… Gill, Ron and Joyce Clapton, my wife’s relations.

Anna Barnes… It was just like that …

Leigh Mitchell… That’s a weird photo! I worked there when it first opened as Saturdays in 1975, was a great place to go

Jacquie Hinves… What a fantastic place. Early to mid 80’s.

Siobhan Dickson… Saturday night fever vibe

Paul Phillips… 70’s were the best times ther Aqaurius all the top bands Steve Maxted thursday nights best times ever

Mark Hesmer… Worked there in the 90`s. Was good fun

Tony Court-holmes… spent many a good night in there and fallen down the stairs

Helen James… So many memories

Haze 13th Jan and Sweet 20th Jan – Aquarius 1973

haze and sweet


Haze photo supplied by Robert Searle                                                                         

Ticket supplied by Diane Leigh, autograph is on the back of the ticket

Robert Searle… Back left is Robert Searle on bass, Les Harding guitar,Colin Rotheroe guitar. Front is Les Pennock vocals Bernie Marchant vocals and Dave Funnel drums. Bob, Les Harding and Colin Rotheroe backing vocals. Got my trusted Fender bass in my right hand. Hated those steps at the back of Aquarius where we bought the gear up but had a great night. We also did the Cobweb before the Aquarius opened. John booked us.

Robert Searle… Saw the Sweet at the Aquarius.Ive heard bad reports of the Sweet but that night , they were brilliant.Their playing was just as good as say Deep Purple ,their vocal harmonies were fantastic. That night at the Aquarius proved how good they were.A great rocking group with great vocals.

Alan Esdaile… I was at that Sweet gig and we were packed in like sardines. They were very good.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I was there too, remember it like it was yesterday!

Robert Searle… A real great thumping backing ,great musicians.Vocals were fantastic with Andy Scotts high vocals were unbelievable, real professionals.

Chris Giles… I saw Sweet at the Aquarius …my friends dragged me along…. I wasn’t keen to see them… I was shocked they were brilliant one of the best acts I’ve seen.

Barry French… I was knocked out by Sweet at the Aquarius, I was expecting a pop band, & if my memory serves me correct I think they opened up with a WHO medley.

Matt Thomas… Too young but got sweets autographs

Ian McGilvray… Great Band. My favourite

Ronald Burgoyne… That must be when we saw them Mac

Ian McGilvray.. I think it was Ron. Great band with excellent harmonies.

Merv Kennard… that was a good night, so was the dlwp gig last December.

Pardon – Safari Club George Street Hastings, Joe Milligan and write up 1974

supplied by Len Benton

Ian McGilvray, Tony Bird and Len Benton.

Photo 2 jamming with Joe Mulligan

Ian McGilvray… Joe was a great sax player.

Scoobi Doo… yes he was very dedicated he was my Dad x my dad Joe passed in 2002 and my uncle Ron passed in 2020

Harry Randall… back in 67-68 I used to sing for his soul band whatever happened to Joe and Ron?  Shouldn’t that be Joe Milligan not Mulligan?

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Harry, have updated.

Ernest Ballard… Tony looks so young

Roy Penfold… I was about to say the same – mind you, he hasn’t changed much over the years

Paula Kerkvliet…. Joe passed away few years ago now . Ron lives in Hastings still.

Harry Randall… Love to catch up with him!

Tony Court-holmes… used to work there

Paula Filler… Hello my name is Paula I am Ron Milligan’s daughter. I just wanted to let you know dad passed away this week peacefully in Hastings

Harry Randall… So sad to hear Ron has passed away. I was lead singer in “The Lloyd Milligan Sound” with Joe and Ron back in 68, we went to Keel in Germany but got diddled on the contract. Had some great times, condolences to all concerned!

Paula Filler… Thank you Harry Randall I bet you all had a fantastic time knowing dad raise a glass as we send him on his way on Wednesday

Ian McGilvray… Thank You for sharing that. RIP Ron

Mark Richards… great shot at The Crypt

Harry Randall…  (Paula) I’ll raise a glass! So sad for your loss! I’d love any photos of us back in 67-68

Paula Filler… I will ask Sue, Joe’s daughter if she has any for you, Harry Randall

Soo Milligan.. Hi I’m Soo, Joes daughter. Sadly my Dad was taken far too soon at the age of 59 in 2002.  I have many photos which I will find and put on. He cried when he had to sell his sax. I’ve only just found this on my Dads 80th birthday, this is amazing and I found all this stuff which I’ve never seen.