Paper Dolls 5th Oct and Paper Lace 28th Sept – Aquarius 1973



supplied by Nick Prince



Paper Dolls Photo – Dutch National Archives, The Hague, Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANeFo), 1945-1989,   Paper Lace  Photo –  Beeld En Geluid Wiki – Gallerie: Toppop 1974

Tony Qunta…Used to love the Paper Dolls!

Andy Qunta… Me too! Have that song on my iPod!

Tony Davis… I was the DJ for Paper Lace with the International Strip Show. I was allowed to keep my socks on though!

Robert Searle…I saw Paper Lace at the Aquarius, I spoke to the drummer/lead singer. He said they were only being paid a wage, you could tell, he was smoking No6 ciggies

Contrast – Saturdays Discotheque George Street Hastings June 1976

Anyone remember ‘Contrast’?

photo supplied by Colin Norton

Martin Richter… *full bar service*

Stuart Moir… Centre page supported Hot Chocolate at this Disco when it was a live music venue, I remember lugging my drums up the rear fire escape stairs

Robert Searle… Worse thing about that venue was those steps at the back, loved playing there though and being a customer too.

Colin Norton… Photo of Contrast – Lawrie Broadway on keyboards.

Clare Bennett… I remember it, don’t think I went in there

Martin Richter… Stuart, lol – imagine bumping up to 50 barrels of beer up those stairs every week – that was *my* job – lucky me

Jacquie Hinves… Great times spent there. We would get back to the RESH nurses home change, go to the Golden Hind then head to Saturdays! Home at 2am , up again at 5.30 to catch the bus from the railway station at 6.15 and be at St Helens for the 7am shift. Good times.


Prinny’s Club – George Street Hastings. 1970’s with Peter White Quartet.


Anyone remember Prinny’s? Next to the Pump House

Martyn Baker… Ray Darlison on drums? He was my first musical mentor. Great bloke – Fabulous drummer too.

Pauline Sims… Think it was Alan (I’d been trying to remember its name for ages!)

Tony Davis… I remember going there quite often for a while. I seem to remember it was run by a jazz musician called Ken who had an asian wife. I remember there being a drummer called Brian I think. Can anyone confirm this or am I imagining it!

Martyn Baker… Ray Darlison was my first musical mentor too. I moved to Hastings at the age of 12 from Bow, East London. Ray knew about my interest in music as I played the bass (a bit). He lived next door (on the top of West Hill) .He encouraged me and I learned a lot from him about music over the next few years, and ended up playing jazz as my first style of music in his bebop band. I didn’t know much about the history of this stuff though of course. Piers Clark played guitar in our band, and from this I soon met Roger Hubbard, Wesley Magoogan, Tich Turner, Martin Stringer and Andy Knight, who had formed a soul/funk band called Steppin’ Out. We rehearsed in the Old Town Arts Centre on the corner of All Saints Street and London Road. We were soon playing a lot of gigs – mostly in pubs at first, but we did OK, and nearly got signed to Rod Stewart’s label RIVA records. I was doing 3 nights a week in licensed premises before I was even allowed to drink alcohol, as I was too young. Ha! That did not stop me in Hastings though! I got my music biz breaks later….. But that’s another story.

Gaynor Duke… Ken with his Korean wife (Lee) ran the Safari Club in the premises

Tony Court-holmes… I worked there as a pot bar when Don Stuart had the anchor back in early 70s god I am old

Ray Davies… (in reply to Martyn) Ray Davies opened Prinny’s for Don Stewart

Maxi Priest – Downtown Saturdays, George Street, Hastings 8th August 1985

lp image:

Colin Bell… That term ‘live on stage’ has always amused me. I don’t recall ever appearing on stage ‘dead’….some might disagree with that of course………

Kevin Hilton… Although some acts have ‘died’ on stage.

Tony Davis… I’ve certainly died in front of an audience at some gigs. Fortunately the good far outweigh the bad

Mike Vawdrey… But you could be live off-stage – like the late Little Richard, Marion Williams and bluesman Albert Collins who used to go walkabout with his massively extended guitar flex – were Health and Safety informed ? !

Steve Mann… I was there that night


Stuart Henry Disc Jockey – Aquarius 11th May 1974


stuary henry

Joe Knight… Use to go on stage with Steve Maxted, back in 68 at Catford London crazy but a great bloke.

Alan Esdaile… Just notice Titanic are a forthcoming attraction. A long forgotten track that I remember playing to death in Bonitas was the hit ‘Sultana’.

Tony Davis… I was listening to the Titanic track the other day and remember that I gave that a bit of a thrashing too at both the Astral and the Crypt.

Nick Shute… Remember listening avidly every Sunday night on Radio 1 to Alexis Korner on at 8pm followed by Stuart Henry’s ‘noise at nine’….both great shows!

Colin Bell… He was one of my favourite radio jocks, whenever i play or hear ‘Soul Finger’ i think of Stuart and him opening his show, sadly missed, taken far too young.