Aquarius International Club George Street Hastings promo photos and advert 1974

Leigh Mitchell… Oh wow! That brings back memories! It must have closed down not long after these photos were taken as it opened up as Saturdays in May/June 1975

Lauren Lamb… Wow! I’ve not seen these before! Thanks for sharing Alan

Linda Kemsley… Loved Aquarius Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays

Brian Scales… Takes me back quite a few years

Martin Richter… dinners & quadrophonic !

Rob Stevens… and open all season!

Martin Richter… lol – always good to advertise an empty club


Paper Dolls 5th Oct and Paper Lace 28th Sept – Aquarius 1973



supplied by Nick Prince



Paper Dolls Photo – Dutch National Archives, The Hague, Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANeFo), 1945-1989,   Paper Lace  Photo –  Beeld En Geluid Wiki – Gallerie: Toppop 1974

Tony Qunta…Used to love the Paper Dolls!

Andy Qunta… Me too! Have that song on my iPod!

Tony Davis… I was the DJ for Paper Lace with the International Strip Show. I was allowed to keep my socks on though!

Robert Searle…I saw Paper Lace at the Aquarius, I spoke to the drummer/lead singer. He said they were only being paid a wage, you could tell, he was smoking No6 ciggies

more Milo’s Restaurant explosion George Street Hastings 1963 photos shared from Sam Lord

shared from Sam Lord Nostalgia Hastings (& It’s Hamlets) facebook page.

Harry Randall… they said they would never build on it again as a mark of respect?

Monica Bane… So interesting to see these pictures again. Thanks for memories!

John Gale… (2nd photo) Wow. That could have been taken when Saturdays went up in flames.

Tony Court-holmes… I remember mum was going to work in the Mermaid cafe that morning

Chris Wood… Interesting construction it looks like the walls are made of wooden tiles then rendered over..



Milo’s Restaurant George Street Hastings – Gas explosion 1963

photo ©  Monica Bane

Gary Benton… that’s a great video

Chris Meachen… I remember the bang when that happened, it rattled our windows in Halton…

Stella Huggett… I remember it well. My grandparents in Italy so a photo of it and thought a bomb had gone off.

Harry Randall… Remember it well! They said they would never build on the site! Yeah?

Iain Cobby… My parents and I lived above the Burger Bar at the other end of George St by the Hastings Arms. Fortunately we were on holiday in Cornwall and came back to the pandemonium a week later!

The Trilogy – Prinny’s Club 30th August 1969


supplied by Sarah Harvey

Tony Davis… Does anybody know who was in the Trilogy?

Sarah Harvey… Stating the obvious…..Probably three musicians….. about as much as I can ascertain!

Tony Court-holmes… I drank in there but never remember any bands

Phil Gill… Ha! Our old Maths/Form teacher, John “Lester” Piggott, used to play in the jazz band there. Came in hungover every Monday and, at lunch time, would fall asleep sat at his desk in a little office at the back of the form room, with his head on his arms. Prinny’s is now Lathams.

Bikers Electrical George Street Hastings

photo © Charlotte Fairlie

Pauline Richards… Remember that so well

Lloyd Johnson… Me too!..the use to have Model Aeroplane kits in the side window in the 50s…I use to get all my modelling items there…KeilKraft, FROG, Veron ,Mercury kits etc…

Jean Wheel… That’s one beautiful shop.

Julie Morris… Miss Biker was my teacher at Elphinstone School. I think she was the owner’s daughter.

Alan Esdaile… Julie, I remember Miss Biker.

Julie Morris… Alan, I remember her being quite strict but fair. Happy memories of that school.

Jane Hartley… Julie, she was, we lost her last year aged 93.

Matt Jones… Was there a Philips electrical shop next door? (cause there was a factory on one of the estates). Or am i merging my memories

Graham Sherrington… yes when George street had some class

Tim Moose Bruce… A victim of the supermarket greed. This company had a maintenance contract with a certain big supermarket chain. They did repairs and maintenance on the checkout conveyers, lighting and other stuff in 4 big stores in Hastings, Bexhill and Eastbourne. Refrigeration company I worked for at the time did the same stores. Trouble was, the stores tied up both companies to the point where they lost a lot of their other clients. Then the supermarket chain dropped both companies and both went under as a result.

Nigel Ford… They came out to Mother’s twin tub problem in the 60’s. Not sure but may have supplied it new too.

Maxi Priest – Downtown Saturdays, George Street, Hastings 8th August 1985

lp image:

Colin Bell… That term ‘live on stage’ has always amused me. I don’t recall ever appearing on stage ‘dead’….some might disagree with that of course………

Kevin Hilton… Although some acts have ‘died’ on stage.

Tony Davis… I’ve certainly died in front of an audience at some gigs. Fortunately the good far outweigh the bad

Mike Vawdrey… But you could be live off-stage – like the late Little Richard, Marion Williams and bluesman Albert Collins who used to go walkabout with his massively extended guitar flex – were Health and Safety informed ? !

Steve Mann… I was there that night


Olympia Amusement Arcade George Street Hastings 1980

Photo: Roy Penfold Historical Hastings.

Alan Esdaile… Still looking for photos of The Olympia dodgems.

Graham Sherrington… and the juke box wow memories buying single cigarettes from the tobacco shop

Matt Thomas… What was The Rainbow then?

Peter Simpson… Matt, Still the Rainbow – my dad owned the shop next door from 1946 to 1968, and knew the proprietor well.

Amanda Russell… I’ve got a photo of me sitting on a big stuffed animal with a monkey in a cage. I was about 6…

Jacqueline Marsh… I remember going roller skating upstairs at the Olympia back in the 50’s

Trevor Locock… Building recently destroyed by fire. Great photo.

Nigel Ford… was Saturdays upstairs still then?

Tony Court-holmes… who remembers the juke box in there?