Aquarius – Christmas 1973

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Don’t know a lot about Tony Morgan’s Muscle Power but they also recorded a version of  The Equals hit Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boy and Racial Segregation written by Eddy Grant.

Claire Davis… Johnny Baker (John Baker) if that is the same one, still comes to Hastings and meets Tony Davis , they both DJd together at the Aquarius.

Stylus Record Shop – George Street, Hastings. 1970


Anyone remember when Stylus was in George Street? Used to work here on a Saturday.

Caz Simpson… I remember it well.

Andy Qunta… Yes indeed!

Kev Towner… A tad before my time.

Darren Holmes… I only remember it being in Castle Street.

Jim Hobbs… I managed it for a year from 1976 to 1977 working for owner Bob Mckenzie.

Groups who played Hastings Pier 1962-1974 plus


from Roger Bristow  Dizzy Tiger Music a great listing of groups that played in Hastings from the 60’s to the 70’s.

Hastings Pier  – 1962-1974 plus some later gigs.

These you will find under the archive link at the top of the page:-

Aquarius – 1971 – 1974

The Cobweb – 1968 – 1970

The Witch Doctor – 1964 – 1967

plus more…