Hippo Band – around 1985

hippo band 1985

supplied by Hastings Groups from 1958 to the present Facebook page.

Peter Webb, Steve Blattman, Steve Elliott, Gerry Fortsch.

Lynda Caine… Also played regular at The New Broom pub to a packed house. Very popular when Pat and Adrian ran the pub on Broomgrove Estate. As my mum would say they were fantastic, I remember trying to get to sleep in the flat upstairs my bedroom was above them playing on a Saturday night great memories .

Gerry Fortsch… Sorry if we kept Lynda awake all those years ago but I am sure it was more down to the Sea Gulls chanting that was also heard every night. Great memories. I had many happy drinks with Pat and Adrian can any one tell me what became of them?

Lynda Caine… Hi Gerry yes I certainly can tell you Pat and Adrian moved around the country managing pubs and finally settled or should I say retired down in Dorset where sadly Adrian passed away.  Pat (mum) will be 80 this November is happily settled in Dover with me (daughter ) and she said to tell you she still has Hippos cassette tapes to this day, she has kept them they’ve traveled with her and she’s so pleased to read your comment as she has so many great memories of The New Broom and your band . Her words fantastic.

Gerry Forsch… Sorry to hear about Adrian but it is lovely to get your message, give mum my love please. Cheers Gerry. ❤❤


The House Shakers or The Frantics – 1964/1965

gerry photo

supplied by Gerry Fortsch

Gerry Fortsch… I think we were called The House Shakers or The Frantics, it was a long time ago. The band was Paul Ritchie drums, Graham Bradley guitar, Rob Keely guitar, I think the guy singing was Wil Tate and me on bass. This would have been1964/5.

Hippo Band – early line up


supplied by Gerry Fortsch

Gerry Fortsch… Remember the Hippo band, this is a very early line up, comprising of Brian Reeve guitar, Peter Parson guitar, Graham Blanch drums, Peter Webb lead guitar and me on bass. We may not have been the best band in the world or even Hastings but we had some bloody fun. The band was run like a business and when on band business we always ended up drunk. This is the line up that supported the Glitter Band and Mungo Jerry on the Hasting Pier, Graham stayed loyal to the Hippo Band until he joined Brian on the stair way to heaven, they are both greatly missed.

Yvonne Cleland… Look familiar