did you used to have a razor like this?

photo source: unknown

Rufus Jonathan Paul Evans… I did, I was fond of them but had to admit that there are better modern options.

Julie Findlay-jones… My daddy did.

Mike Waghorne… My old man did !

Pete Prescott… I used one for a short time. The modern ones were easier and cut you less. My dad used them.

Jackie Hersee… My dad did and I still have it

Alan Parker… Don’t use it now but still have one I bought when I first started shaving back in the early ’60s

Mike Raxworthy… The blades could also be used to lightly scrape off unwanted ink from art-board in the days of paste-up when you had to draw your own borders with a Ro-tring pen.

Jimbo Tipler… I started to use one again a couple of years ago. If you wet shave, you should start again – cut down on plastic disposal razors. You can buy the blades in cardboard boxes. https://www.amazon.co.uk/WEI…/dp/B017BJDXXS/ref=sr_1_10…

Jim Peckham… Still got mine

Steve Thorpe… My Dad had one. Now I’ve got one….

Keith Veness… Still have one

Dave Nattress… For sure – used them for years but the loss of blood every morning was worrying and blood spots on the shirt collars when you got dressed was a nuisance. I’m an authority on razors having wet-shaved almost every day since God was a boy – just do not feel clean without a wet shave. Then I got a device called a “Techmatic” by Gillette which had a thin, narrow stainless steel band that you used to wind on – a bit like a cassette tape – not much good. Then a long time ago I went on to disposable 3 blade razors and presently LIDL’s finest 5 blade jobs – fabulous wet shave every morning. A quite costly Phillips battery shaver gathers dust as it is essentially completely useless, does half the job and takes 10 times as long as LIDL’s 5 blade things.

Chris Meachen… I was sent home from school to shave at about age 14 or 15, the only thing we had was my late dad’s razor that hadn’t been used since he passed about 10 years earlier. I didn’t have a clue how to use it properly, so ended up going back to school looking like I’d done 10 rounds with a grizzly bear. This so traumatised me that I’ve had a beard for almost my entire adult life…