Midnight Shift – 1974

10167959_10201864419555643_9113108427298372408_nsupplied by Richard Turner

Royal Albert…..Far right is our dad Gordon Turner

Patricia Turner…..Big al ryder rhythm and lead guitars glyn brown vocals chris claton drums gordon turner bass guitar


Glynn Brown… I am Glynn Brown the singer with the Midnight Shift. I have lived in Australia since 1976 and lost touch with the other band members. Would love to get back in contact with them.

Happy to pass on any messages

Sam Lord… No help about the band but I’m sure it’s the same Glynn Brown I worked with on the GPO in the mid sixties, be nice to contact him to find out! I think it was 1966 Hastings GPO. It’s not a good picture but I’m sure it’s him, his nick name was “Jumbo”

Glynn Brown…  I never worked for the GPO, but my brother Gareth did and has only recently retired, he still lives in Hastings. I worked at Butler & Phillips in Queens Road, long since gone.

Wendy Weaver… Love the outfits

Cris Kennard(Barnett)… is that Chris Clayton 2nd from right or a lookalike ?

Richard Turner… Yes it is Chris Clayton.

Glynn Brown… Yes that is Chris Clayton, as Richard Turner has said. I don’t know what happened to him, last I heard was that he had moved to London.

Sue Howe… My dad is Chris Clayton he lives in Hastings not London. Good to see a old photo of him. Chris is going to hopefully join Facebook if so he will be in contact.

Jean Philippe Lault… Glynn Brown, HI how are you ? I would like to know if you have made a vinyl record or demo audio cassette, as I search for rock n roll groups 1970 1980 more photo for my collection