Garner Garner & Co cycles & gramophones store Bexhill 1923

supplied by Jim Breeds

Jim Breeds… Spotted in a 1923 street directory under Western Road, Bexhill. Cycles and gramophone records together in one shop. Cycling home with the latest shellac 78 RPM records on the saddle rack. What could possibly go wrong

Alan Esdaile… odd combination

Jan Warren… Why not ………. if you “hooked up” ya wind-up gramophone record player to your bicycle and peddled like fuck, it could be the first “Walkman” (or “Rideman”?) haha

Tim Moose Bruce… Or hook up an alarm clock to the gramophone, set to wake you up with Rick’s Piano Portraits, it would be a Wakeman..

Robert Wren… I think you will find bicycle shops were the first to stock batteries for their bicycle lamps and slowly started to sell other electrical items. I can remember Currys in queens road were still selling bicycles in the late sixties.

Dave Nattress… Wow, Bexhill. I thought I knew a lot about the place but never heard of this and will research it. Looks like an old “Kelly’s” Street Directory? We used to use them in the architects office I worked in from 1969. This one 1923 was way before my time! By the way, if any of your SMART readers are interested, Bexhill’s fabulous music shop – “Music’s Not Dead” in Devonshire Road, is I much regret, pretty much dead. The guys, Del and Richard had to close up a week ago as simply (they told me) they were just not making any money as bigger music retail and on-line operations were sucking up all the business – well any profits to be had. Also of course downloads hit physicals badly. For instance, the new Kooks album on CD they sold for £10.00 – Tesco Church in the Wood were knocking it out for £8.00. A great shame – for 7 years the guys did their absolute utmost to succeed and sold a wide range of music on CD mainly, but then vinyl kicked in. They also sold T shirts, books, posters, you name it, AND put on a lot of concerts in the shop and at the De La Warr and other locations and gave much needed exposure to up and coming bands and individual artists. Keane played a couple of acoustic sets there and signed albums as did Tom Chaplin with his 2 albums. A very great loss to the local music world.

Jim Breeds… It’s a Pike’s directory. Similar to Kelly’s. Sad to hear about the record shop in Devonshire Road 🙁 I bought some stuff there over the summer.

Record Players – Gramophones



supplied by A Quarter Of Facebook page via John Austin

Redstar Richter… mine was older than that!

Alan Esdaile… I had one like this and the same colour but I remember we did have an old 78 wind up before this.

Will Cornell… When LPs started to be pressed on the more flexible (and therefore warp-able) vinyl, yet still play decently, I stopped stacking them and played them one by one, forever after. They’d spin in place if stacked. That might’ve been the reason most turntables after 1970 or so were single play version and the stacking mechanisms faded.

Pete Shaw…  I’ve got a Dansette Bermuda in Blue and Vanilla….my mum bought it for me in about 1963/64…first record I bought was “She Loves You” by The Beatles…..those singles had a rippled groove so when stacked they’d grip each other on the turntable!!

Yvonne Cleland… My father had one of these. He used to play Dave Brubeck and Stan Kenton on it!

Mick Mepham… … and won 2 – 0 …..

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