Greasy Trucker – 1973

Pete Cunningham, William Powell and Alan Turner

Ian Quinnell… Alan Turner aka AlBear- now there’s a face I’ve not seen for over 40 years. Used to work with him at Rediffusion, on the Ponswood estate. What became of him?

Barry Newton… I was wondering the same when I saw his photo

Paul Huggett… Haven’t seen Will in ages, still around here somewhere. Alan lives in Cornwall now.

Mick O’Dowd… One of the original “good guys” is Will. Nice bloke and good drummer!

Barry French… Pete Cunningham worked in Mullet Smith music shop when it first opened in Normans Road. I believe he was also in a folk duo with Paul Dengate. I never got to hear Greasy Trucker but I remember Will Powell being very excited about the project.

Allan Osbourne (prev Turner)… Greasy Trucker was a short lived band but it was certainly a lot of fun as I remember.  Peter Cunningham  was a paramedic as I recall  and last I am aware  was living in Rye. Will Powell  had always lived in Hastings  and  had played in several different bands in the area.  As for myself,  well  it was the early seventies and  just about everyone I knew at the time seemed to be in a state of flux moving from one band to another.  My own history is no different  having been in Sam Tripp, Arktuss, and  Greasy Trucker.  I think the most interesting gig we ever did in Trucker was probably Bonitas  where Pete and  myself  finished up on our backs playing on the floor and breaking guitar strings like they were going out of style. Lets just say it was an interesting night.  I haven’t seen Pete or Will since  the demise of Trucker back in the early seventies but would be interested to hear of their whereabouts  if at all possible. I  now live in south Devon  near a town called Seaton  and have been here for the last twenty years.