Who remembers ‘Swift Half’ band asks Clive Bendon-Hill

I was the bass player and harmony singer with Swift Half in 80’s and 90’s with Paul Burton on guitar and harmonies, Chris Sayer lead guitar, singer and leader of the band. We also had a brilliant electric banjo player whose name I think was Paul and he came from Bexhill but I cannot remember the drummer’s name. I have a video of Swift Half at the Tower Pub where we played one night but cannot remember the date! I believe there is an album of Swift Half which I found a track from on YouTube today. Any info you can give me on this please and on the Hastings Swift Half band in their day when all the afore-mentioned were together? If anyone else remembers the band in its day, can they get in touch? By the way, apart from the VHS video I have I also have copies of all the lyrics that Chris hand wrote for all the songs we did together! Please do come back with any info, photos or recordings – just to bring back memories and the fun we had! Thank you so much! Clive

Paul Dengate… Could have been Paul Bishop on banjo

Alex Knight… Paul, was about to say this!! I think he lives in France now!! Paul Bishop was this you?? Maybe Gary on drums??


Samisen 2017 reunion


Sarah Harvey…. 40 years on….Samisen 2017…. first step towards a reunion

Dave Nattress… Hey Sarah are you looking for a singer?

Sarah Harvey… Yes 🙂 All former Saimsen members are cordially invited and encouraged.

Iain Cobby… Good luck you old proggers; if you need a backing band for a gig ……………

Factory outside a Factory


supplied by Andy Qunta

Robert Searle….I remember Factory supporting us , The Kult , at a church hall at Rye in , I think,1970.

Geoff Peckham… Isn’t this in the Glyne Gap Gasworks shortly after it closed down? …and I’m wearing my beloved cricket boots!

Terry Pack… In the days when industrial wastelands were considered good locations for photos.

Andy Qunta… Yes, & I think Tony’s & my Mum took this pic! My hand is bandaged after our Dad, Dr Qunta, operated on it! I got some kind of I infection from picking hops at Guinness Hop Farm! Good times!

Tony Qunta… Yes and I was wearing my ‘custom shop’ strides which I had ‘doctored’ with house paint! 😉

Jeanette Jones… Back in the day, before political correctness ran rampant , when a caring Dad could operate on a family member, such as a beloved son. Happy days, happy memories, you are blessed;-)