The Fortunes and Great Expectations – 3rd February 1968



cutting supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey….February 3rd, 1968 – Seeing as The Fortunes returned to Hastings  January 17th last year (This time at The White Rock Theatre for their ‘Past And Present’ show)…. I wonder if this was the last time they appeared in Hastings? Anyone know? Apparently they played in Battle, one of the band members tell me.

Gary Kinch…. ….it’s a storm in a teacup. Great sing along pop stuff.

Mick O’Dowd…I have Great Expectations every week but I still can’t win the Lottery!

Barry French… Hi Sarah, Yes the Fortunes did play at “Battle Rocks” about four years ago. Not sure if there were any original members still in the band, but the keyboard player was from Bad Finger & I believe the drummer was from Love Affair.


MT Vessells call it a day

MT Vessells… Of all the posts we have posted this has to be the hardest. After 21 years on the live music circuit in Hastings we have taken the decision that this is the time to bring it to an end. We have had many great gigs, loads of laughs and made many lifelong friends. Without all of you we would not have been able to go on for so long. We will miss you all. Remember the good times and Shang-a-Lang!

Daisy – The Yorkshire Grey 1970/71





all photos supplied by Yvonne Cleland

Terry Corder, Will Thomson, Tony Barraclough and Kevin Hoad on drums.

Yvonne Cleland…..Awwwwww what a great band they were! Yes, Will has his hand on Tony’s knee, and Tony is a bit nervous. 🙂 I do believe these were taken at the Yorkshire Grey. This was before Wesley Magoogan joined the band which later metamorphosed, lost Moff, Tony and Terry, added Den Wootton and Mike Tanner and became Felix.

Andy Qunta…..Excellent!

John Wilde…..Really good to see these photos. Great days for all.

Pete Fisher…..remember being present at a rehearsal in a church hall in Hastings, where Terry was the tall guy on bass and vocals,, with an amazing vocal range, and it was Loud!!

Terry Corder… Wow! That’s going back a bit. Probably 1972/3.


Eastbourne bands family tree by Len Smith


Len Smith… Another one, Charade, Features, Kaine & Abel, etc. We were blessed with some great bands back then!

Alan Esdaile… Don’t think I remember the group ‘Please’ Robert?

Robert Searle… Alan, ‘Please’ didn’t last long.I believe after we broke up Rev joined up with Centre Page then Looking Back and Bernie started Hill Street

Len Smith… I believe you are correct, Please started and broke up in 1979


Groups Wanted for Hastings Old Town Carnival 5th August 2017.


Hastings Old Town Carnival are looking for different groups to perform on various street corners during the afternoon of carnival to try to get a carnival atmosphere going all afternoon. Bands, dance groups, acrobats you name it. Would you like to get involved? Contact Hastings Old Carnival 2017 Facebook page or

Tony May… Great idea – now your talking!

Hat Trick – Dave Shirley – 1979

10606056_532787806866681_926054639591003527_n supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… Dave Shirley gigging with Hat Trick when they were a foursome. Can’t date the picture or identify the local venue but it was definitely between April and August 1979. That is Barry French’s backside towards the left of the picture….not that I go around identifying people by their backsides of course! 🙂 Other than being a bit older and the Antoria Les Paul now being a Gibson SG, Dave hasn’t changed a bit! 😉

John Storer… Its’s the smile I remember … my abiding memory of Mr Shirley

Alan Esdaile… Looks like Dave has a wicked grin in this photo, I wonder what he’s thinking?

Sarah Harvey… I think the grin says “Hello, Roger’s off on one again!” ….. that’s quite spooky really because the picture I found of John on the net, I was thinking the same thing! 🙂