Who had The Bert Weedon Guitar Guide – Play In A Day?

Andy Qunta… Naturally I had this book when I first had a guitar. I did indeed play in a day, but that day didn’t arrive for quite some time! Thanks anyway, Bert!

Chris Baker… OMG! I had a copy of that!

Bob Shipway… My first guitar tutor book and it felt old fashioned even then… but, as the saying goes, I didn’t judge the book by its cover! It was a really good book that did indeed have me playing (albeit something wonderfully banal and simple) in a day.

Paul Morfey… This was all we had to learn from. You had to really want to play to get anywhere. Not like today where guitar tuition is everywhere. Those where the days!!

Alan Parker… learnt to play with this book. stil have a copy, printed 1957. every guitarist that comes to my home says they know that book and they had a copy at one time. real conversation piece if you are a guitar freak like me

Pete Fisher… yes I had this too, and found out pretty quickly that a day wasn’t enough to get my little fingers around more than a couple of basic chords…remember him (and a handful of other guitarists) having a spot on TV which was more instructive..

Mick O’Dowd… I bought this book but I was so inept that it took me 3 months to master Cockles & Mussels! So gave up and became a DJ instead. The world breathed a sigh of relief. I was never gonna make stardom on a badly performed Cockles & Mussels!!!!

Alan Parker… You know what they say Mick, ‘Those that can, do, those that can’t, teach.

Jan Warren… I had this, I might still have it, I’ll look in my archives!

Terry Hardwick… I leant a bit of forty miles of bad road

Mark Praid… As soon as I saw this a little compartment in my head reacted “Crikey! I had that”.

Iain Cobby… Was walking on Brighton Palace pier some years ago when I looked up on a raised part of the cafe deck and there he was with his wife sitting enjoying the sun and a cup of tea. I smiled at him and he kindly smiled back. i didn’t want to interrupt his peace and walked on. Kick myself for not saying thank you …………..

Chris Giles… I’ve got one of those somewhere

Harry Randall… I’ve got his book and bought one of his amps the one he practised at home with I felt the need to help Maggie out after his demise!