Hastings gas office – Queens Road Hastings

supplied by Valerie Churms, Hastings & St Leonards Pictures & Videos

Valerie Churms… The old Hastings Gas offices in Queens road. destroyed in 1970. Don’t know what happened.

Tim Moose Bruce… Gas leak

Jeremy Peter Harrison… This photo is later- we went decimal in 1971. The Ford Granada was launched in 1972. I thought the gas site was demolished to build Safeway’s?

Jim Breeds… it was

Jon McCallion… Bought one of my early cars from that garage in the picture. It was a Volkswagen Beetle 1600. A guy called Malcolm owned The garage at the time. 1976

Alan Vale… I moved to where I am now late 1986 and I whatched over time they demolished the old gas works, built Safeways which is now Morrissons. I think that Gulf garage was a Shell garage when I arrived. Now a block of flats

Dave Nattress… A Granada, Mk 3 Cortina and petrol prices a gallon I’m guessing!