Static Emotion – 1969


supplied by Chris Sambrook

Featuring Chris Sambrook, Tony Qunta, Andy Qunta & Dave Austin.

Andy Qunta….Wow! Never expected to see this fab card again! Thanks, Chris Sambrook!  Well, I know we played the Gun song, “Head in the Clouds”, because I remember Lol Cooksey saying that was one of the main reasons he wanted to have a band with Tone & myself – just so he could play that song! Hopefully that wasn’t the only reason! Probably not, because Factory lasted over 6 years! Chris Sambrook seems to have a very good memory, Maybe he remembers more songs than I could! Hope so!

Chris Sambrook….Hi Andy. Head in the Clouds was and still is a great track. Besides Head in the  Clouds I believe our set list at that time included Nights in White Satin,Crossroads, Communication Breakdown. I’m sure we also played a song from Tons of Sobs, can’t remember which track now, its all a bit hazy. Static Emotion was the first band I played in and probably a bit out of my depth [no change there then] but it was  great experience.

Andy Qunta….. Thanks for adding to the Static Emotion setlist! I do remember playing those songs now! I think the song from Free’s Tons Of Sobs could be either Walk In My Shadow or The Hunter perhaps! Great fun playing all that stuff with you Chris!

Here’s The Gun track they were talking about…..

Martyn Baker… Love the 4 digit phone number. Everyone in Hastings must have known almost everyone who owned a phone in those days!

Andy Qunta… There must surely be photos of the band somewhere, but I don’t know where!