Have you ever meet someone well known and not known? asks Mick Bean

Albert Lee coming to Hailsham Pavilion 2nd March 2019. more details… http://spyboy.co.uk

Mick Bean… Have you ever met someone well known and not known who they were? I spent time chatting to a bloke in a London pub back in the day, we drank together and shared our thoughts about the pop music of the day. Dave from Chas and Dave came over and joined us, after a while the penny dropped and I realised it was Albert Lee. I was at a pre “Buddy Holly Week” get together. The following day at the concert I again met Albert in the toilets, we shared urinals… He later played on stage with the gathered musicians. Oddly enough I attended the same event the following year and it was Albert who came and spoke to me. I told him that I had no idea who he was the first time we met and he said he realised that and enjoyed the “normal” chat that he so missed.

Pete Prescott… Great story. I’ve heard he is a lovely guy.

Gerry Fortsch… Brilliant guitarist.

Tim Moose Bruce… 1986, at the 6 Bells at Chiddingly. Johnny Mars band on that night. Talking and drinking with a guy at the bar. 2nd set he got on the keyboard and did an amazing version of Green Onions. The band then introduced Keith Emerson!

Pete Prescott… I did a gig at the six bells for his sons birthday. Kieth Emerson played a few songs with us. I ended up singing In the back bar with him. He was very drunk. Hilarious and a nice guy. Never forget it.

Sandy Max… Yes I once spent a lovely afternoon in a pub in Notting Hill talking to a nice lady…when she left a group of youngsters came running up to her begging for her autograph….the penny dropped and I realised I’d been chatting to Annie Lennox

Speedway 1970’s supplied by Sid Saunders

all photos © Sid Saunders

Sid Saunders…While looking for some family photos this morning I came across these old photos that I took in the early 1970s. They are from the speedway track near Hailsham and of a grasstrack meeting in Kent. The photos were in a poor condition and those that were in colour had to be changed to black and white as they were so faded. The photos are not very good as they were taken on a point and shoot camera and haven’t held up very well but they may be of interest to some people before I bin them all.

Tony May… PLEASE don’t bin these! They were taken I think at Arlington Stadium and are quite possibly of the Eastbourne Eagles Speedway team. Certainly Gordon Kennett was an Eastbourne rider as he was in the side when I used to go…

Steve Cooke… Great photos and brings back good memories of Sunday afternoons at Arlington.

Wendy Weaver… Loved my Sunday afternoons at Arlington. Speedway hasn’t been the same since it changed times.

Elaine Stock… Strangely when I lived in the North I visited Eastbourne Speedway a couple of times, once was in 1976 just after Peter Collins became world Champion! I’ve lived in Hastings for over 33 years and haven’t visited in that time!

Jean Parks… Thank you it brought back great memories

Karen Towner… Followed Eastbourne Eagles for many years – great fun



Dion Five – Hailsham band 1965


supplied by Len Smith Eastbourne Bands From 1960 on

Dion 5, 1965. Les Harding, Allan Williams, Dave Funnell, Ray Lloyd, Bernie Marchant

bernard 1932355_10152249511997497_1729175068_n

photo of Bernard Marchant. supplied by Bernie Marchant through Joe Knight

Stuart Moir…..”Where’s ur chest hair Bernie ???”

Will Cornell… Pants on the drummer, I’d say they’re due for a comeback.

Slayve – Mid 80’s The Crown Hailsham


supplied by Kris Hannah

Kris Hannah…. Paul Tanner, circa 1985 Probably The Crown at Hailsham and 1987 Ernest Ballard (I think) on drums and Pete Lees on bass.

Robert Searle… Looks like Tony Kenward on the second photo in the background.

Mark Little… Before I joined I think, but Paul Tanner and Ernie Ballard for sure!

Len Smith… Yes looks like Tony Kenward in the background.

Gary Sykes… Paul Tanner was a good guitarist, anyone know what he went on to?

Terry Pack… I played a couple of gigs with Tony Kenward, Paul Tanner and Pete Shaw in Eastbourne around 1985.

Ernest Ballard… Yep that’s me on drums. Paul is still living in Eastbourne. He joined the Teenage Idols in London after this band. Great cool bloke. I’ll try contact him