The Searchers – White Rock Theatre Hastings 29th July 2016.


Jim Breeds… You’d think that they’d have found what they’re searching for by now! :O

Jonathan Martin… Could be Utopia? And many are still searchin’ millenniums on. Hope they/we find it!

Steph Drayton… lol they should do a cover of ‘Still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ !

Jonathan Martin… One of the first tunes and 45’s I owned that struck me as a kid was by these kat’s! ‘Don’t Throw Your Love Away’, must have been a big influence on me, as one of my singles is of a similar title. I’ll try’n be there!! Cheers

Alan Esdaile… Great track Jonathan, also love When you walk in the room and What have they done to the rain.

Leslie Whitmarsh… Thats a dam shame we have the cutting crew in bexhill

Alan Pepper… They are actually a good live band. I remember seeing them TEN Years ago Silver SIXTIES tour. Take me for what I’m worth was my favourite !