Jacob John Harmer’s Lost Ones film – filmed in Hastings & St Leonards


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Eric Harmer… Great review on my son Jake Harmer’s film. Well done Jake, great movie. All filmed Hastings and St Leonard’s

Peter Fairless… Thanks for posting this, Eric. It’s a beautiful little film. Congratulations to Jake.

Eric Harmer… Thanks Peter all his hard work in this industry is paying off now

Janine Hemsley… Absolutely endearing


St Leonards Festival (Lenfest) 1st July 2017 – Musicians Wanted

Ron Cook says…

Does Hastings and St Leonards have the best musicians on the coast – let’s find out?

The festival organisers are looking for performers to play all over St Leonards on the day of the festival 1st July. 

This is the biggest event in the St Leonards entertainment calendar and visited by more than 5000 people. Gigs will be mainly in the open on the seafront and around the town centre.

You’ll need to be able to organise your own PA and transport but performance fees will be paid (pending the usual applications for funding) Bands, duets, soloists, whatever you play, however you entertain, be part of Lenfest.

If the idea appeals drop me an email ron.cook@gmail.com (Put Lenfest in the title line so I can find it easily) and I’ll make sure it reaches the right person.

We’ll be posting more on Lenfest in the coming weeks but email me if you want more details and I’ll do my best to reply.

Please share this with musician friends and family***

Mick O’Dowd… Hastings has always been awash with talented musicians and still is!

Paine Electrics Top 10 – End May 1971.


Alan Esdaile… Love R. Dean Taylor.

Sheila Maile… Best years of my life young n’ carefree(63 now and knackered)

Andy Qunta… Even though we played Jig-a-Jig with Factory around that time (and still now), I didn’t remember that it was in the Top Ten! I probably didn’t follow the charts too closely then. Fascinating to read now though!

Gary Kinch… Seem to remember jig a jig being on the Fiesta jukebox or maybe in the Anchor. I put loads of money in both. Good days.

Jim Breeds… Surprised to note that I have 5 of those 45s. I must have been flush that week/month. FYI, Nos. 2, 4, 5, 6, 9.

Alan Pepper… Yes I must admit was buying singles then too ! Numbers 3 5 and 10 Double Barrell reminds me of the funfair on the Oval I am the Magnificent !