1066 Music Blue Plaques for the Hastings area – Poly Styrene

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1066 Music Blue Plaques is a group formed by three local music fans, Jim Breeds, Tony Davis & Andy Gunton. The group came together after a Facebook discussion regarding the lack of commemorative Blue Plaques celebrating musicians who used to live in the Hastings area, and important local music venues which have closed down. We decided to see if that situation could be corrected, and set out to explore the possibilities of getting some Blue Plaques erected. After contacting Hastings Borough Council and getting their approval and support for the idea, we are now in a position to move things forward. We are currently looking at a handful of potential sites for commemorative Blue Plaques, and are now ready to start fundraising for the first of those, being Poly Styrene in St Leonards, and John Martyn in Hastings. Suggestions for other potential sites are welcome, so please message us with your thoughts. We already have Hastings Pier, The Crypt, The Tubman, the De La Warr Pavilion & the Witchdoctor/Cobweb Club on our list by the way. Please bear in mind that all Blue Plaques have to have the permission of the building owner & possibly Planning Permission too, so not all are possible. All Blue Plaques will be funded by a separate Crowdfunding appeal, which will pay for the manufacture & fitting of each plaque. Yes, we know that the ‘1066’ name is both corny & overused, but it does encapsulate the area we are looking to place Blue Plaques in, and is easily recognised & understood. Stay tuned for news of our upcoming Crowdfunding appeals and how you can get involved to make those Blue Plaques a reality.

Andy Gunton… Exciting news! Our first Crowdfunder appeal, for a Blue Plaque to be put on Poly Styrene’s former house in North Street, St Leonards On Sea, will go live tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 9am! This is an image of what the finished plaque will look like. We’ll post a link to the Crowdfunder appeal page here tomorrow morning.

Pete Houghton… That’s great news

Andy Gunton… We’re now live with our Crowdfunder appeal for the Poly Styrene blue plaque. Please have a look & please donate if you can. Also, please share & let your friends know, so that we can reach as many potential donors as possible. Thanks for your support 😀 Update: We have already reached our £500 target! This means that anymore money donated will go directly to St Michael’s Hospice, as our costs have now been covered. Thank you.


Andrew Clifton… Will have to go and see it.

Paul Bryant… That’s fantastic.How about one for John Martyn who lived in Cobourg Place

Andy Gunton… Paul, That’s the next one on the list

Paul Bryant… that’s wonderful news.

Graham Sherrington… bloody hell she lived local!!!

Andy Qunta… Nice lady! I remember writing songs with her back in the ‘80s in my flat in London.

Tracy Birrell… I was born in 1957 also, and grew up in North Street. I never knew that…..we may have even played together.

Mark Rutter…Tracy, Poly didn’t grow up in the Hastings area, but in Brixton, London. Her mum is from Hastings though and they used to visit for family holidays. Poly moved to St Leonard’s in 2004

Jan Warren… Saw a documentary about Poly Styrene last week, very interesting, didn’t know she’d lived in Hastings.

Andy Gunton…The Blue Plaque is up! Yesterday was the big day – Apart from 3rd July being Poly Styrene’s 64th birthday, it was also the 45th anniversary of Poly seeing the Sex Pistols on Hastings Pier, an event that led to the formation of X-Ray Spex. And then there was the first public screening of Celeste Bell’s film about her mothers life, ‘I Am A Cliche’, at the Kino Teatr in the evening. So it seemed like the perfect day to unveil the plaque celebrating & commemorating Poly Styrene’s life. If you want to see the blue plaque for yourself, you can find it in North Street, St Leonards On Sea. 1066 Music Blue Plaques would like to thank the following people for helping to make this idea come to fruition:  Karen & Terry for allowing us to put the blue plaque up on the wall of their house.  Kevin Boorman & Hastings Borough Council for pointing us in the right direction & for their help in the early stages of our campaign. Andy Miller & Nick Booker of Booker & Best for giving their time & expertise free of charge. Everybody who donated towards the Crowdfunder appeal. Apart from helping to raise the money needed for the blue plaque itself, you also enabled us to donate £350 to St Michael’s Hospice, where Poly died in 2011.Thanks also to Celeste, Poly’s daughter, for coming along during the unveiling & for giving us her support throughout our campaign. Now it’s onto our next blue plaque – John Martyn in Hastings Old Town.

photos Mark Richards

Stephen Moran… Fantastic! Many congratulations to everyone involved in this brilliant campaign!

Lucy Pappas… Wonderful! xx

Leigh Wieland-Boys… Great news!

Andy Qunta… Excellent!

John McCormack… Superb xx

Name a band or singer that makes you switch off the radio

Peter Thomson… Hot Butter’s “Popcorn”. Lena Martell’s “One Day at a Time”. St Winifred’s Choir – “There’s No one Quite Like Grandma”. Ad nauseum.

David Broome… Float On by the Floaters, Red Red Wine by UB40.

Judy Atkinson… The Osmonds

Chris Meachen… Andy fairweather-low, Morrissey, Elo, Van morrison & many more.

Colin Fox… Lady in red.

Martin Curcher… Celine Dion

Louis Comfort-Wiggett… The Clash!

Elaine Roberts… Frank Zappa

Jim Breeds… Why change the station? I turn the volume down for a couple of minutes.

Chris Giles… Elvis

Phil Little…  Robbie Williams

Alan Thynne….Meatloaf/Mariah Carey…..

Michael Wilson… Ed Sheeran

Jane Deane… Duran Duran. SLB is one of the worst singers ever

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20 things your mum said to you…

source: Cov Bible

Martin Curcher… I still hear myself saying some of these to my kids! You wait until your Dad gets home and if you lie I will wash you’re mouth out with soap!

Clifford Rose… My mum never said #17.

Barry Hilton… Mostly number 13 and 18. I am hearing her voice in my head saying those things to me ;-(

Mike Guy… Get your elbows off the table! Finish the food in your mouth before you pick up any more.

Angela Jordan… I say it to mine plus a few more, close your mouth when your eating you look like a cement mixer, elbows off the table xx

Andy Qunta… All of the above!

Peter Checksfield… If you make that noise, I’ll give you something to make a noise for

John Warner… 21. I’ll kill you when I get hold of you!

Mike Curtis… Do you want a smack?

Wendy Weaver… All of the above plus “You’ll be laughing on the other side of your face in a minute my girl” “, Dont come to me when it all goes wrong”, I was apparently “Born to be wild” and was “heading straight for Hell”!. If she gave me any freedom I would be “Racing the Streets”. I think zhe should have been a lyric writer

Paul Chapman… Lol. Every one of these.. and others

Arthur Sutherland…. Mum didn’t teach you much about grammar it should be “While you WERE growing up”

Alan Pepper… “Wait till your father gets in ! He’ll give you such a doughboy !  That’s a hiding Holligton style of course .

Arthur Sutherland… A doughboy in our family was what the english call a dumpling without crisping the top off.

Eric Harmer… My mum use to say. “ what’s your name again “ I was the youngest out of six

Baktrak – early 2000

baktrak 1 baktrak 3 baktrak 2

img782 img780 img784

supplied by Steve Fitz

featuring Adam Elliott, Jenny Elliott, Roger Messier, Pete Lockhart, Phillip Earle, Steve Fitz

can someone confirm the names and date and also John’s surname?

Earl Grey… Pete Lockhart on Bass. Around 2000/2001

Rick Baldwin… Steve, you don’t look any different !!!!

Tim Moose Bruce… Was in a couple of bands with Jenny. And Adam did a stint on lead guitar with Steel Dawn when I was in the band.

Couples Come Dine With Me – Wanted in the Hastings Area, Sept 2016

couples come dine with me

Not our usual posting but have been contacted by Channel 4 and this might be of interest to some people in the area.

My name is Natalie Orchard and I am contacting you on behalf of C4’s Couples Come Dine With Me as we are coming to Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne and Surrounding Areas for our new ‘Couples Come Dine With Me’ Episode. Please could I ask you to share the following information with colleagues, family members, friends and even your online community if possible as we are calling couples this week!!! Thank you. ‘The hit Channel 4 television programme ‘Couples Come Dine With Me’ is coming to Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne & Surrounding Areas and we are looking for COUPLES to take part! Do you and your partner host the best dinner parties in town? Come Dine With Me are looking for the perfect partnership to create the recipe for success! If you’re over 18 and have the combined skills to produce an amazing dinner party…. We want to hear from you! Three couples. Three nights. Three dinner parties. And a £1,000 cash prize.” The shoot will take place in the week beginning 26th-28th September / 29th Sept-01st October, so you must be available during this week.

If you are interested please email: sara.mir@itv.com and state the following:


Or alternatively please call: 0207 157 3795 / 0207 157 3870 for more information.


What tracks did every local band play in the 60’s/70’s?

Thanks to Pete Fisher for finding this rare video.

Alan Esdaile…What tracks did every local band play in the 60’s/70’s? Hush, Knock On Wood, Morning Dew and Ride Your Pony. Any others you remember?

Jim Breeds… Me and Bobby McGee.

Mick O’Dowd… Mustang Sally. Route 66, Carol(Chuck Berry and many other assorted Chuck songs).

Will Cornell… Over there, your locals did our songs. Over here? Beatles and Stones.

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman… What the hell is Rod Evans wearing? Great song though.

Len Smith… Everybody needs somebody, You don’t know like I know.