The Dicemen – Shadows E.P. 1983

supplied by Mike Mitchell

Mike Mitchell… The Dicemen were mentioned by Andy Knight so I thought I’d get this out of the cupboard. Anyone else got a copy?

Lesley Bowles… I had one cos I used to work with Nick back then

Andy Knight…  I have just found a 30 minute recording of the Dicemen dated 1982, I think I recorded a gig at Falaise Hall or was that a dream

Peter Fairless… Remind us, who were they?

Martin Richter… Richard and Harry 🙂 (plus one)

Performance & Lysander – photo & single funny little things 1973



 Andre Palfrey-martin collection                  supplied by Colin Fox

Pete Shaw…. line up… Pete Shaw Ray Harper Roy Sanderson Tony Kenward Colin Fox

Andre Martin…..just found this photo with Roy breaking in to a smile

Terry Pack…..Is that Peter James Shaw behind Ray?

Colin Fox…..Sure is!

Pete Shaw……Roy Sanderson and I had part time work as bookends…! And who is wearing harmony hairspray! Jesuz, the dressing room fug!!

Phil Gill…..Nice bell-end on your sleeve there

Pete Shaw…..Trendy huh Phil…you must’ve reached 8 years old when I bought my trendy apparel….and “bell end” certainly fitted the bill!!

Jane Hartley….That’s how I remember Pete Shaw!

Alan Esdaile…… Confusingly another band called ‘Performance signed to Polydor in 2005.

Colin Fox…..Tony Rivers was producing the record and came out of the control room eating an apple and said, “I think we need another harmony on that line”. He proceeded to sing the harmony while still eating his apple.

Robert Searle Got my copy. Great picture Colin


is this photo Performance or Lysander?

Peter Millington… I thought this was Lysander – Performance seems to have passed me by. How long did they last and do you remember the dates of Performance and Lysander’s existance?

Jane Hartley… Performance were still going in 75 if I remember correctly!

Pete Shaw… If my memory serves me correctly, Polydor records identified “Lysander” as a previously used band identifier so “Performance” was deemed acceptable…studio time was great as the “A” side was band vocals but session musicians whereas the “B” side was truly us.”Why?” you may ask, but the studio was incredibly busy with Micky Most stuff and I even was given a “White” copy of a brand new Hollies Album at the time! Several well known disc jockeys floating around and even my then girlfriend Janet Tamplin (from Westerham) made a visit to the studio! Pop stars huh!!!  I even drank ginger beer!!!

Colin Fox… I would trust what Peter Shaw says, his memory is better than mine. The photo on the stairs, (which I thought was Lyzander), must have been very close to when we changed our name to Performance.

David Smith… Dont forget my lap steel with wah-wah on the ‘B’side Pete & the scream at the end when you stood on my hair! 😉

Robert Searle… Rejoice.


The Deep Purple – Queens Road, Hastings and Battle photo around 1967


1st photo supplied by Janine Anne Hemsley, 2nd photo with Graham Bradley supplied by Len Benton.

Janine Anne Hemsley…..The girls are Carol Guyatt and Linda Upton.

Mick O’Dowd….Looks like  early Whisky Mac. Think that is Pete Horton poking in right hand, Len Benton, Ian “Mac” McGilvary, Tich Turner,Tony “Tweet Tweet” Bird & Pete Horton.+ Girls.

John Wilde…..Wow this is a great photo……but where?

Robert Searle…Another great photo. I see Mac there with Tony Bird

Joe Knight….omg!!! tony LOL

Ian McGilvray….Yeah that’s me (Mac ) with Lenny Benton on My right hand side. I’m the one with the magazine and Tich is the one with the Birds as usual.

Andre Martin…..The reflection in this is the Fine Food Supermarket at the end of Queens Pde, you can tell that by the backward spelling of the name Minimarket and the design of the brickwork. Interesting the ” I’m Backing Britain ” posters can be clearly seen on the windows of the shop in Queens Road roughly where Gamleys or Helfords used to be located. Looks as if the group were on the east side of Queens Road, and the photographer on the West side..

Mick O’Dowd….Confirmation from Pete Horton that this is in fact Deep Purple. He reckons it was taken in Canterbury where they used to play at The Beehive Club.

Tich Turner….Hi All, this photo was taken in Queen’s Rd. We had a bunch of photos taken that day, but I’m only aware of three that have surfaced. One is a great pic of us all in a line, hunched up against the cold, in front of some glass doors somewhere. The other one, is of us standing on the steps of the public toilets that used to be in the town centre, near the Carlisle and we’re poking our heads over the wall. This is definitely Deep Purple. we didn’t actually become Whisky Mac after Pete Horton left and Graham joined, as I wrote. It was later than that. It was directly after Len Benton, our Bass player left and we recruited Tim Duke on Bass. Happy Days, Tich.

Ian McGilvray….I agree Tich

Pete Horton…..Hi from Pete Horton. Sorry about thinking that the pic was taken in Canterbury. I seem to be the odd one out. I cannot remember this being taken in Queens Road, but we were all in the nearby cricket ground with a Hastings Observer photographer on Sunday 4th February, 1968.

Ken Copsey… Great picture.

Paul Coleman… Mac!! Bloody hell, I never thought I’d hear about you again. I remember the last time I saw you was when you drove away from my garage at the back of Amherst Rd in Bexhill. Driving a Porsche. It may have been a Speedster. Worth a bloody fortune!
Where did those nearly 50 years go??

Graham Bradley… I didn’t no you had a Porsche Mac, the last time I saw you was in a Jag xj6 with the head lining hanging down over your eyes, we all had some bloody good laughs great band days.

Martyn Baker… Tich looking typically cheerful!

The Kult – photo and Occult demo – around 1969


supplied by Kerry Derbyshire

Pete  O’Driscoll, Richard Melhuish, John Hale, Robert Searle.

Unreleased demo by the Kult, recorded in Pye #2 Studios in Marble Arch, London in 1969. Written by Richard Melhuish and Pete O’Driscoll. Produced by Vic Mail.

10255718_1385498098401540_7586436607618098448_n 1545685_1385498121734871_11312785952109893_n

supplied by Kerry Derbyshire

Alan Esdaile… Excellent band, loved The Kult.

Robert Searle… Proud to have been a member of The Kult.

Dave Nattress… Kult have been referred to on and off on SMART for a while now and rightly so. Kult were indeed really excellent. I was 16 in 1969, left school that Summer, you did too Jaffa! Saw Kult many times around Bexhill area around that time. Mallet Hall, (London Road traffic lights), The Granville, and best one of all for me, supporting T2 at the De La Warr. Thinking back so long ago, there were of course so very few bands around, especially those playing heavy/progressive rock. This set them apart and it’s a shame they didn’t make it big. When I discovered SMART, one of the bands I hope would come out of the memories was Kult and I’m delighted that we have not only a good few photo’s but also some sound recordings.

Peter Linnett… Used to be part time roadie spent many happy times with them in Brentwood  and Bexhill last saw Peter back earlier 70s at his place in Battle  Sussex

Memories of Hastings Bands in the 80’s by Tony May

I bet a lot of you remember ‘The Telham Tinkers’, The Architects’, ‘The Disc Jockey’ and ‘Stylus’.  In fact, just thinking about the 80’s band scene in Hastings brings back to mind so many ‘local heroes’– after all who could ever forget…

Die Laughing  Hastings very own hard rock band reached the later stages of the national Melody Maker (remember that music rag?) Rock Contest in 1978 but somehow never quite made it in the record business. Stalwarts to the town, Tel, Lol and Mick continued to keep Hastings rocking for many years however and were regular performers at ‘The Carslile’ on the seafront. One self-financed single was released but as far as I know the band were never fortunate enough to release an album.

 Cracked Mirror I don’t know a lot about this rock band but I do recall having a good few copies of their only album in stock at Stylus Records. I wish I’d bought a copy (or three) now too as original copies of the album change hands for anything up to £500 these days! Only 200 copies of the album were pressed you see and the group are now regarded as one of the most original of the ‘New Wave Of British Heavy Metal’ bands of the early 80’s.

 Turn Blue/ Face To Face (plus various other names) Ah yes, the loveable and always original Dave Arnold! Dave was (and probably still is knowing him) always one of the first to push the boundaries of music and art. In the early 80’s he was the front man and think tank behind a plethora of very unusual bands. ‘Turn Blue’ may not have been everyone’s scene but they were prolific and Dave built up a steady fan base for his music by releasing regular albums on cassette that he then sold through local record shops. My personal fav of Dave’s though was one of his more commercial tracks, ‘Body Heat’.  Recorded when Dave was part of the duo, ‘Face To Face’, the song had a killer guitar riff and some sexually explicit female groaning on it but best of all was the fact that the lyrics of the song included the classic line ‘suckin’ on an ice cube tryin’ to keep cool’ – Immortal!

The Teenbeats Well, what more can anyone say about this lot? Hastings favourite Mods may have recorded only two singles (one of which the front cover pic was taken underneath Hastings Pier!) but they will long live on in the hearts and minds of music lovers in the town. Tragically, in June 2009, just before a scheduled reunion gig was planned, we lost Dave Blackman – the bands drummer. Lead singer, Huggy Leaver, went on to be a well-known actor of course and the band will always be remembered nationally because they were one of the first groups to be managed by, the now legendary, Simon Fuller.

Expandis Expandis was another band to build a good reputation upon innovation, live performance and self-produced cassette only albums for sale at gigs and in local record shops. For a while they looked booked for big things, Elton John’s label, Rocket Records, signed the band and in August 1983 released a single on 7 and 12” called ‘Mystic Man’. As is all too frequent a story in the music business however, the single failed to chart.  Interestingly, a second single ‘My Love’ is rumoured to exist but I have never seen a copy (whereas ‘Mystic Man’ was everywhere at the time) and such a single is not listed in any of the Music Master (the music business bible) catalogues from the period? I think it very likely that the single only got as far as the promo stage.

I don’t know an awful lot about what happened to the band after this but I do know John Wilde went to America and worked for a time as an interior designer and that Phil Thornton is still an active recording artist to this day.  Excitingly for fans, two Expandis albums, ‘I’m Not Waving I’m Drowning’ and ‘Living Like This’ (featuring ‘Mystic Man’) are now available to download from itunes. Both are priced at £7.99 if you’re interested.

Such good times and such good memories, eh?

Dave Arnold…. Cheers for the mention Tony, above’s a link to the track Body Heat & the label website