Remember donkeys on Hastings beach ? 1980’s.

photo: Phil Sellens

Stuart Moir… Then along came the PC brigade and complained that they were mal nourished badly treated and didn’t want to do what was asked but if that was the case the donkey would have been able to object by stopping and we all know how hard it would have been to make it move

Colin Fox… I think they also said that they had to get insurance in case anyone got hurt.

Dizz Corinne Ryder… I used to spend my pocket money on them and the trampolines!

Tony Court-holmes… did not like

Wendy Weaver… I remember where they used to stand – my dog used to make straight for that area to roll in the poo and then we’d have to take him straight home for a bath

Pete Houghton… It’s was a shame it stopped the were treated with respect as someone said if they did not want to move they would not and they walked on sand

Nicola Barfield… Omg bring my childhood back from when we came from Germany to here to see nanny donkeys shops etc on pier the old bathing pool distant memories such a shame bring fun revenue to the town in a positive way

Jack Irving… Poor donkeys.

Kev Carleonis… Pure cruelty

Coco Pops… The Chimps were bad enough I never saw the poor Donkeys.


Elvis Costello – Hastings Beach 1991



Elvis Costello on Hastings Beach, 1991 by Keith Morris.

Thanks to Andrew Clifton for finding this and Stuart Huggett for the links.

Stuart Huggett… It’s an an out-take from the shoot for his ‘The Other Side Of Summer’ single.

Mark Gilham… Fished that effluent pipe many a time and never knew.

Ernest Ballard… I was working in The Queens hotel when Elvis was staying there. We were told strictly not to badger him and allow him space. On the third night in the bar after a few drinks he shouted ” why is everyone blanking me? Do you lot not know who I am ? “. We told him we weren’t allows to speak to him. Ha ha he then bought us all a drink. He was recording at Paul Mcartneys studio locally. I’ve fished there with you Mark. Caught some eels and whiting as I remember, And dabs I think.

Andre Martin… Great piece of beach art in the background !