Remember donkeys on Hastings beach ? 1980’s.

photo: Phil Sellens

Stuart Moir… Then along came the PC brigade and complained that they were mal nourished badly treated and didn’t want to do what was asked but if that was the case the donkey would have been able to object by stopping and we all know how hard it would have been to make it move

Colin Fox… I think they also said that they had to get insurance in case anyone got hurt.

Dizz Corinne Ryder… I used to spend my pocket money on them and the trampolines!

Tony Court-holmes… did not like

Wendy Weaver… I remember where they used to stand – my dog used to make straight for that area to roll in the poo and then we’d have to take him straight home for a bath

Pete Houghton… It’s was a shame it stopped the were treated with respect as someone said if they did not want to move they would not and they walked on sand

Nicola Barfield… Omg bring my childhood back from when we came from Germany to here to see nanny donkeys shops etc on pier the old bathing pool distant memories such a shame bring fun revenue to the town in a positive way

Jack Irving… Poor donkeys.

Kev Carleonis… Pure cruelty

Coco Pops… The Chimps were bad enough I never saw the poor Donkeys.

Dot Mountford… If you wish to leave or write posts online please know the correct facts before you do so, In the first instance they were ponies not donkey’s easy to tell apart as donkey’s have big ears and it was early 1970s not 1980s, I know that as I was there it’s is me in the photo leading the pony…..

Jim Breeds… But its ears are not visible!! While we’re at it – donkeys (plural) do not have an apostrophe!

Paul Marshall… I remember monkeys


SR-N6 Hovercraft Hastings Beach 1968

photo © Marriotts. supplied by Ian Mantel

Ian Mantel… SR-N6 approaching Hastings beach 1968. Promotional tour of South East resorts promoting Townsend Thorenson cross channel ferries. (Photo purchased from Marriotts Photo Store, White Rock)

Marcus de Mowbray… I went from Pegwel Bay to Boulogne and back on the bigger SRN 4 many years ago. Amazing machines!

Angela Frances Gardner… I remember watching these on the beach and being deafened by them. Incredibly noisy.

Linda Boiling… I lived in Clive Vale and could always hear it when it was arriving at the Pier from my house.

Harry Randall… They wanted to set up a permanent landing and offered as part of the deal to repair the Harbour arm but Hastings in there wisdom refused the offer so the went to Pegwel Bay

Patricia Burgess… It used to come in from France and passengers would head to Marks and Spencers

Peter Brazier… Does anyone have the pics of when it broke down and went ashore at Bulverhythe ??? It was in a Observer pic!

Graham Sherrington… I have a photo of it at rest!!! CAN I find it can I hell as like!!

Paul Collins… I’ve got some 8mm film of it somewhere.


Hastings Beach Whitsun 1964

Supplied by Dave Bastable

Dave Bastable… Behind the baths on the beach was always the meeting place through out the summer. There was Biddy the tub man in the sea and someone who walked along the beach selling ice creams. By the pier you could hire a twin hull float and paddle for an hour. Whitsun 1964 was particularly hot if I remember.

Alan Esdaile… Our favourite place on the beach was the alcoves under the prom, by the pier but if too busy, we would also go here by the White Rock baths.

Lloyd Johnson… Liz Hayter Shaw, that looks like you Liz bottom right with the blonde hair..I recognise the girl with you, can you remember her name?

Jon Hayter… id say that’s definitely Liz. Don’t know the other girl though. Good spot!!

Liz Hayter Shaw… wow , yes looks like me, but not sure who the girl is. Looks like Tim’s girlfriend / later wife Gloria

Pauline Richards… We used to walk along the prom to try and find a space!

Josie O’Rourke… Pauline, now we do the same but to find a bar ! X

Lloyd Johnson… That was my stretch in the early 60s when I was a deckchair attendant …

Chris Baker… Given that we lived near St. Clements Church a few hundred yards from the sea, I hardly ever went on the beach. Familiarity breeds contempt?

Jon Hayter… All quiet today

Dave Bastable… I am in it. Lying on my stomach with a striped costume on. in the middle of the photo. The girl with her tongue out I think was Tina. Dick Lingham in the bottom left corner. Others I am unsure

Lloyd Johnson… Dave, Tina rings a lot of bells…..

Colin Bell… Our favourite spot was by the Sun Lounge (as it was then) but you had to be careful in the sea there, it shelved steeply into deep water and the current was often strong

Katy Howard was Parsons… And no one is glued to a mobile phone! How lovely x

Graham Sherrington… The’er Lovely The’er nice Plain or Choc!!! The old matey selling ice creams.

Alan Esdaile… I can still hear his voice in my head, Graham!


Who remembers the Hovercraft at Hastings?

photo shared from: Valerie Churms

Mike Guy… Who remembers the inventor – put that Google down right now!

Mike Waghorne…I believe my daughter was a friend of his daughter and was a local man ?

Eric Harmer… Yes remember it , well was the inventor Rooster Cockburn. 😂😂his name was something to do with chickens

Peter Bridger… I have some of Dad’s old super 8 cine film of that somewhere! Went on a school trip to France on it. I remember it being noisy and bumpy!

Judy Atkinson… Christopher Cockerill

Mike Mitchell… I remember a man walking up the beach in what looked to me like a naval uniform waving a red flag on a stick. He was getting us to move out of the way so the hovercraft could land. I was distraught because the hovercraft flattened my lovely sandcastle

Tony Court-holmes… went on it

Phil Thornton… Remember it well ! – very noisy

Gary Colcombe… Oh yes! What a monster! remember it very well

Roger Simmonds… I remember it very noisy!

Mick O’Dowd… Didn’t they stop it because of the noise? It was rather loud!

Merv Kennard… remember it and the noise

Colin Gibson… It sucked up my Yorkshire terrier

Elvis Costello – Hastings Beach 1991



Elvis Costello on Hastings Beach, 1991 by Keith Morris.

Thanks to Andrew Clifton for finding this and Stuart Huggett for the links.

Stuart Huggett… It’s an an out-take from the shoot for his ‘The Other Side Of Summer’ single.

Mark Gilham… Fished that effluent pipe many a time and never knew.

Ernest Ballard… I was working in The Queens hotel when Elvis was staying there. We were told strictly not to badger him and allow him space. On the third night in the bar after a few drinks he shouted ” why is everyone blanking me? Do you lot not know who I am ? “. We told him we weren’t allows to speak to him. Ha ha he then bought us all a drink. He was recording at Paul Mcartneys studio locally. I’ve fished there with you Mark. Caught some eels and whiting as I remember, And dabs I think.

Andre Martin… Great piece of beach art in the background !

Hastings memories from Paul Black.

all photos supplied by Paul Black

Paul Black… 1955. The picture postcard of the West Hill, Hastings was sent by a cousin and she wanted me to remember where I was christened – All Saints Church. The next pictures are from a trip my brother and I, and our wives took in 2005. The 4 people on Hastings Beach are my sister-in-law and my brother from Texas and my wife and I.

Paul Black… In the beach picture, I am finishing up my cup of cockles. I remember them vividly as a child as well as Hastings Rock, and of course, the little train ride. Thanks Alan for posting these. I hope people enjoy them. I loved our trip “back home”.