Ted Crouch Band – early 80’s


supplied by Janine Hemsley

Janine Hemlsey.. around 1981 I believe.

Peter Millington… This is a first – Ted Crouch – knew him well from the dance circuit.

Christine Bondin… who is the sax player?

Chris Dann… I played Bass Guitar with Ted in the late 60’s early 70’s then again in the early 80’s. Bass, Chris Dann (me) Piano, Ted Ellis, Drums Ted Crouch, Janine Hemsley, Sax, ‘Dosher’

Janine Anne Scott… Hope you’re good Chris Dann x

Chris Dann… All good Janine, moved to Barcelona in 1990 and been here ever since. Joined a soul band in 93 but finally packed in playing in 2005 and haven’t played since. Hope all is good with you.

Julie Morris… I seem to remember them playing on the Pier every Easter.

Patricia Wapshott… Look at you Janine ! You slip of a thing you ! 😊 xc

Geoff Peckham… My dad, David Peckham, played bass for Ted Crouch in the 60s.

Pauline Richards… I remember Ted he was local union rep.