Reading Festival – 1973

supplied by Clive Richardson

photo of Chris Meachen and friends

Chris Meachen… Wow, Julie & Claire, not seen either of them in over half a lifetime!

Andy Qunta… Pretty sure I went to this. I think I remember Genesis, & also Faces’ Rod Stewart kicking footballs into the crowd!

Chris Meachen… I also remember seeing someone prancing about the campsite wearing Peter Gabriel’s flower headgear on the last night..

Pete Prescott… I was there ! Briefly ! I took a girl there. She hated it. I had to take her home the next morning.

Alan Esdaile… I think it looks like Phil Thornton behind Chris. I asked Phil and he said… yes it does look like me – I’ve no idea if it was ! Maybe Chris would know ?

Chris Meachen… I’m pretty sure that the person behind me was Roger Sleet, but I could be wrong.