Steppin’ Out – Dance Dance Dance & Hurt Again 1976


Dubbed from an old cassette, (Originally recorded in 1976 – Hastings).

Written by Martin Stringer arr. Steppin’ Out.

VOX – Martin Stringer, VOX – Tich Turner, ALTO SAX & B/V- Wesley Magoogan
LEAD GUITAR & B/V – Roger Hubbard, RHYTHM GUITAR & B/V – Little Stevie Whitefield
DRUMS – Andy Knight, BASS GUITAR – Martyn Baker

Janine Anne Hemsley….I love it

Andre Martin…..Interesting – very mid 70s disco structure would gone down well with the glam/disco music in that time – good find.

Martyn Baker….Here is a recording with the final lineup. Kevin Hoad had taken over the drumstool, Pete Prescott had replaced Martin Stringer by then. We decided to split the band up shortly afterwards.

935003_10151699947769287_870860994_nphoto supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott……I remember that gig.i was very much in awe of everyone in the band.also i was still living in north kent.i used to travel down wednesday nights and weekends.tich was amazing as a frontman.didnt know why they needed me.throw in wes and roger h.amazing band.i moved to hastings on christmas eve 77.the band split up on new years eve ha ha ! i was left stranded in a town i didnt know.bit tough for a while.but it picked up a year later with the jims.i think we did smoke on the water at that gig with ray for the first time.he had that yamaha.great guitar.

Jez Gillett Band – songs plus…



all supplied by Pete Prescott

John Laidlaw…..I see Pete’s glaring at me… I’d probably trodden all over his vocals again

Phil Gill…..It’s compulsory.

Pete Prescott….now now young philip ! loved johns playing.was just watching him !

John Laidlaw….Ah, young Pete, you’re too kind :). I’m sure you were just watching to see when the “John F-up™” was going to happen… there was always at least one, usually when I tried just a bit too hard :D.

Phil Gill…..And that’s when the magic happens.

Pete Prescott…..definitely ! john (and you phil) play a strange note then turn it into a you say thats when the magic happens.i still have j.g.b. tapes.the guitar playing is wonderful.when the lotto win happens im putting a band together with you those jackets phil !

John Laidlaw….I’ll be there – that would be fabulous! Dare I say, “no jacket required”?

The Spooks – circa 1964


supplied by Hastings groups from 1958 to the present

L-R Colin Fox, Chris Putland, John Atkins, ? John Brooker. — at The Pier Hotel, Eastbourne.

Robert Searle….Colin Fox proper Fender man

Will Cornell….So….THIS is where the Cramps got the “font” for their logo!

Pete Fisher…..AC30s rule!