Stereo equipment shop Western Road St Leonards-on-Sea

Nick Bloomfield… Can anybody remember the name of a stereo equipment shop on Western Road (probably about number 30) from the 1980’s? I remember staring through the window a lot but they also had a listening lounge and once I went in and was blasted by ‘Money For Nothing’ it was brilliant too through their sound system! It must have been around 1985? They had a lot of Bang & Olufsen equipment too. I preferred my Technics amp, Garrard LAB 80 Deck and Wharfdale speakers! It’s bugging me that I can’t remember the name.

Nadia Compagnone… Hastings Hi-Fi.

Nick Bloomfield… Nadia, thanks! I feel really daft not remembering that. It’s age…

Paul Gray… Fantastic shop! Bought my 1st cd player there and upgraded my amp, speakers, turntable and speaker stands there 33 years ago. Still have the amp and stands. They were always so helpful and enthusiastic there.

Nick Bloomfield… I remember them being as Paul says and very professional too. Playing your favourite music on great stereo equipment gave you a real thirst to upgrade!