Rumours Club – 1982/1983







gig posters supplied by Mick Mempham, Expandis postes © John Alexander Wilde

Pete Fairless…Doing the boxer beat? I remember JoBoxers being fantastic! Thoroughly brilliant, in a dripping wet, hot and sweaty, rather loud, Crypt, kinda way!

rumourssupplied by Mark Richards The Crypt Archives .

John Wilde… Ha! The Expandis fantasy Ball. What a great New Years Eve.

Peter Millington… ABADABS Friday 26th November – 1982


The Springbeats – Scout Hut Oxford Road Hastings 1965 of maybe Hollington Parish Hall?


from West Marina to Hastings Pier Facebook Page – Shared by Alan Jenner

Local group the Springbeats pictured at the Scout Hut – Oxford Road Rehearsal night 1965

Anyone confirm the names of the band?

Phil Gill….I think it’s Clive Drew-Clifton on the left

Andy Knight.…Tim Duke on Bass I think. Looked again, def Tim on Bass, in my year at school

Mick O’Dowd… The Springbeats played at Grove Road Youth Club Ore on my first outing as a DJ. It was the first Rave that the Club put on with a live band. I worked with Tony Bridger at G. Brookers in Norman Road making fireplaces when I worked there as my first job in the real world!  About 1966.

Alan Mitchell… Clive Drew-Clifton, Tony Bridger, Barry Jenkins on drums and John Woolven singer. I don’t think that is the scout hut in Oxford Road. We used to go to the group practices and most were in the Hollington Parish Hall in Wishingtree Road.

John Wilde… This is a great photo. Love those guitars.

Lynn Graham…. The drummer Barry ‘s  dad was manager and who remembers little Vic Bridger, Tony’s cousin, former owner of Hairtek.

Alan Esdaile… Here’s The Springbeats Nicola and I think its Barry Jenkins on drums?

Nicola Dobson… Thank you Alan…Im really not sure..he used to work for the laundry late 60’s and was in the Cult band he said as I did have a tape from him?

Lynn Graham… Barry Jenkins was indeed the drummer. I used to run around with them and was very good friends with Johns sister Jackie.

Martin Richter… what lovely guitars ! I was looking at Burns guitars earlier



Picturing The Blues art exhibition plus live music – White Rock Hotel 12th April 2015

Blues Paintings

Barry Taylor commented… The White Rock Hotel, from 11 am.”PICTURING THE BLUES” is an exhibition of the work of local artist Paul Marsh, featuring his unique crayon and pencil drawings. Blues Greats like Robert Johnson & Buddy Guy. For the 1st time, Paul’s work will be available as prints, from only £15.00.  50% of proceeds to ST MICHAEL’S HOSPICE

Also exhibiting,  popular musician Eddy ODel, with some of his distinctive air-brush work.
Plus, to add to the buzz,  live music from Eddy and a variety of other Musicians.
Please come and see us on Sunday 12th April 2015, turn left as you enter the Hotel.

Southern Sounds & Guy Darrell & The Midnighters. Sat 10th Oct 1964 by Andre Martin


Andre Palfrey-martin collection. photo of Southern Sounds.

Andre Martin…October moves along and here we are at Saturday 10th, – History of the Happy Ballroom – Hastings Pier. The whole attractions seems on the surface, to have gone into a vacuum – things are happening, but nothing much is being reported, and with our ability to look back, know that things are about to change. However back to the Ballroom, and tonight me have 2 groups all for 5/- and if your 18 and over [laugh] access to the longest bar in town ! Top of the Bill are – Guy Darrell & The Midnighters, supported by Southern Sounds
There is little about Guy Darell and The Midnighters, although they did leave a few releases from the 1960s, and the Midnighters are not to be confused with the Merseyside band of the same name that featured Freddie Starr in the early 1960s. They recorded for Oriole having a couple of minor hits in 1964. The support act, were from Portsmouth – Southern Sounds, a five piece group, playing a lot of covers of both US and UK standards. Apart from this, very little is known about them, they had worked clubs, ballrooms and for the Navy.How times had changed, looking back over the past few months when you think that we had been able to see Chart Hitters, such as the Stones, Animals, Kinks on a regular basis, and now very much run-of-mill entertainments.
The Witch Doctor, had continued with its 7 nights a week policy and this week had included in the line up : Saturday – from Nottingham – The Sheerwoods supported by well known local group -The Talismen : Sunday from Merseyside – The Rhythm & Blues Incorporated : Wednesday it was Johnny Mike & The Shades : and a Blues special for Friday with Little Water. The weekends had started off with its usual bang, if you were able to get to see Rediffusion Cable TV with Ready Steady Go – and on the programme for the Friday night was –The Dave Clark Five –The Honeycombs – “Is It Because?” -Manfred Mann – “Sha La La.
Till next week’s episode, I will leave you with this thought, Bonfire Night processions are upon us, and Hastings for next Saturday will be one not to be missed – enjoy and be safe !! somewhat calmer than I remember from 50 years ago !!                Andre Martin

The Disc Jockey – Poly Bag , chat & 8 track cartridges


Pete Fisher… spent a lot of time in the listening booth on Saturday afternoons, 1968-74!

Virginia Davis…  I think I still have some of my records in the Disc Jockey bags

Jim Breeds… So do I 🙂

Nick Prince… I  like Big Al, comes to mind.

Clare Bennett… I think we all must have spent some time in there.

Alan Pepper… Can I go back in time to about 1973 and buy a dozen albums from big Al’s Disc Jockey shop ? I know which ones I’d buy – what about you ?

Kevin Towner…I spent far too many hours – and far too much money here over the years!!

Anyone remember 8 track cartridges…

A-primo-selectionsupplied by

Anyone got any photos of The Disc Jockey?  Here’s a partial shot with Wards next door. Photo by Chris Meachen.


photo by Chris Meachen 

Phil Gill…Bought my first electric guitar from the 2 Queens Road shop, a peach coloured Vox Super Ace. 27 guineas in 1969. Roger Carey and Chris Meachen will remember it. Life doesn’t get much better than a peach coloured electric guitar when you’re 13 years old.

Jane Hartley… Loved that shop, but my guitar came from Stylus, never did learn to play it!!!!!