Curzon Cinema St Leonards closes in January 1977


Derek Clemans… I went to see Slade in flame there.

Dizz Corinne Ryder… me too!

Peter Houghton… Didn’t they used to call it the flea pit?

Alan Esdaile… That was The Orion, Pete.

Nick Prince… no the Curzon was the best in the borough at the time of closing

Janine Anne Scott… My Grandma was an usherette there in the 60s.

Dennis Torrance… Sad when it went Remember wet winter Sunday afternoons in there with old girlfriend they used to bring tea trolley around great service and some great films

Alan Esdaile… remember the tea trolley. Used to get the old film posters from the manager.

Christina Prentice… My auntie Winnie took me there to see escape from witch mountain!!!!

Mike Mitchell… Ah that wonderful tea trolley pushed along by a lady in a checked nylon house coat. Tea always came in cup *and* saucer no less!
And the manager was always standing outside in dinner jacket and bow tie to greet you. Happy days!

Nick Prince… The Curzon closed seven days after the Penguin did. A week later, the White Rock Pavilion showed its last film. It wasn’t uncommon to get several films a year there

Kevin White… My dad was a projectionist there in the 50’s or 60’s.I used to get in free as a kid as he knew the manager at the time. Mum used to send me down there with some sandwiches during the summer holidays when I was getting on her nerves,bless her cotton socks.So quite often

Ralph Town… I saw a re run of “Man who fell to Earth” in 77 too.I got press book,poster,photos THE LOT!

Dennie’s Night Club dummy run – 1989


supplied by Nick Prince

Nick Prince… Dennie’s Night Club Dummy Run (c1989). Well we were all a lot younger once. This was a cutting from the Hastings News/Citizen. Karen Holroyd (Im sure she took money on Rennie’s and Dennie’s door, I seem to believe), Mick Calverley (disc jockey), and Nick Prince, on a charity pub crawl in Hastings Town Centre and Hastings Old Town, raising money for various things needed by the children’s ward at the old St Helens Hospital in Frederick Road, Hastings.  I was quite a party animal then. I remember getting involved with quite a lot of publicity bits with Rennies/Dennie’s. I recall my association with the Hastings DJ completion, which I arranged with the club and myself to coincide with the release of Good Morning Vietnam and it was at the time that the club was becoming Dennie’s. At the time I was Assistant Manager at the Cannon Cinema and the club, where I was a regular, needed some good publicity. It was enough to earn me a Dennies Platinum pass, in fact pass number 001. Which I never used as I found Denny Flannigan and the staff such nice people, I thought it was wrong to as I got something out of it myself. (A Cannon Cinemas Citation of Merit). The Good Morning Vietnam thing is a story in it’s own right so I will find and share pics of the heats at the Old Golden Cross and the final at the cinema at some point in the future. Something for me to hunt out..

Jules Stretton… Yes yes more pics xx

Nick Prince… Maybe we should save poor Alan and his excellent page and its members from that. If they are of interest like this one, I’ll post em. Xx

Alan Esdaile… Good Morning Vietnam Film is always great to talk about. Then it gives me an excuse to post some brilliant music.